5 Strategies You Can Use To Help Manage Your Multiple Location Business

Your business is booming, and you’ve opened multiple locations. Now, you have to figure out how to make sure they are all working smoothly and efficiently.

Let’s look at five strategies you can use to help manage your multiple location business.

#1: Be Available

When it comes to multiple business locations, it can be difficult to be present and available at each one.

While you most likely have a home base, you still want to maintain a regular presence at your other locations as well. Try to visit once week, or if geographically impossible, hold a conference call with your managers.

It’s incumbent upon you, the owner, to reach out to your other locations. Don’t get complacent and never venture away from your “home” location.

Try showing up unannounced on occasion. This can show you just exactly how well things are working at your other locations.

Sometimes a lack of an owner or manager can create very relaxed employees who aren’t living up to their expected potential.

In addition, if you’re just opening a new location, you’ll want to spend the majority of your time there, at least in the first few months.

Take on some of the hiring and store management for yourself. You want to get a new location started off correctly from the get-go.

You want to be present so you can immediately attend to any issues that arise.

#2: Keep Procedures Consistent

Set up the same set of procedures for each of your locations. If you skip this step, you’ll cause yourself unnecessary stress and headaches.

Keep basic procedures consistent across all of your locations. This makes them all easier to manage.

For example, you don’t want one store to have a separate set of procedures for handling conflict or checking customers out. It should all be the same.

All training, policies and the employee handbook should be the same in every business location.

As an added bonus, when procedures are consistent, employees can switch between locations with ease.

#3: Get Weekly Progress Reports

In lieu of visiting each location weekly, you can request weekly progress reports.

These are essential, especially for the locations where you are not physically present on an ongoing basis. You want to catch any problems before they get out of hand.

With weekly progress reports, you can reward your teams when they’re meeting their goals and help those who aren’t.


#4: Establish Good Communication

The key to managing multiple business locations is communication. It opens the door for all of your staff to collaborate and work together.

Hold staff meetings at one location one month and another the next. Let each location host your staff for team meetings. This enables good face-to-face communication.

If your locations are too far apart geographically, hold your monthly staff meetings via Skype or GoToMeeting.

Another way to communicate is to empower your employees and encourage camaraderie among all of your locations by holding quarterly training sessions.

Consider doing this in your off hours, or close up shop for one day. Don’t leave any staff members out.

Bring in guest speakers, do team building exercises, pamper your staff a bit and set goals for the next quarter.

The purpose of the training session is to ensure that all of your staff members from all of your locations are on the same page. You want everyone to have access to the same information.

This helps each location perform to the best of its ability.

#5: Use ZoomShift

Make employee management easy. While employee scheduling can be a nightmare for businesses with multiple locations, it absolutely doesn’t have to be.

It’s crucial to your success that you use an employee scheduling and management system. You want to pick one that is easy for you and your employees to use.

This is where ZoomShift comes in.

With ZoomShift, you can take all the paperwork and monotony out of employee scheduling. In fact, you can set the schedules for all of your employees across multiple locations.

Employee scheduling software allows you to foster communication with all of your employees.

How? The first step in good employee communication is getting them their schedules in a timely fashion. The second step is allowing them an easy way to make schedule changes.

With ZoomShift, you can email, text or send mobile push notifications with their schedule. You can also send automatic reminders – this is helpful for employees who often forget when they’re working.

It used to be that employee requests for scheduling were annoying and time consuming. Now, you don’t have to keep track of slips of paper. You can enter all requests in the ZoomShift software. You can even approve or deny employee requests.

ZoomShift also helps you manage your locations with its built in timeclock and timesheets. The software even compares timesheets to the schedule for you!

Even when you aren’t present at one of your locations, you’ll know when employees are milking the clock, showing up late or not at all.

With ZoomShift, your employees can clock in and out from anywhere. You can send clock-in reminders.

And, you’ll always know if your employees are clocked in where you expect them to with the built in GPS. For example, you’d know if they clocked in at home and then rushed to work.

Lastly, you can export all of your data to payroll for easy accounting.

So, you can see that software like ZoomShift is invaluable to people managing a multiple location business.

To Conclude

Managing multiple teams in multiple locations involves equal parts finesse and logistics.

While it can seem overwhelming at times, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for operating multiple locations of your business.

With the five strategies listed here that you can use to help manage your multiple location business, you are well on your way to overall success.

Are you ready to take the next step and beginning accurate time keeping with ZoomShift? Contact us today to start your free trial and get started.