5 Ways To Make Your Cafe A Great Place To Work

You would probably like to improve your employee retention.

It would be great for your café if you could hold onto employees. This means less hiring costs, less training time, and more employees who know what they’re doing.

In this article, we look at five ways to make your café a great place to work so you can improve employee retention along with employee morale and loyalty, which is invaluable to your café.

#1 Take Care of Your New Employees

One of the best ways to make your café a great place to work is to start your new employees off right from the very beginning.

Here are a few ways to make sure you help your new employees feel comfortable in their new position and confident in their job.

  1. Onboard new employees properly. Outline your orientation period and provide them with a well-planned and organized schedule.
  2. Let new employees know you care about them and their success at your café by training them over a period of several weeks and providing employee manuals, procedures and checklists.
  3. Give them a job description. If you hired the right person for the job, they’ll appreciate the information and understand that you are serious about training them well.
  4. Don’t start your new employees on a busy day. This usually means Fridays and Saturdays are not the day for a first day. It’s hard for a new person to begin on a day when your staff is super busy. This is intimidating and may mean they decide your café is a bad place to work.
  5. Start new employees in the middle of a shift or the slower part of your café’s day. This lets them have more of your attention. Don’t start them at the beginning of a shift when there is a lot of activity. Give them a few days before you have them show up at the start of a shift.
  6. After the initial training period, schedule a meeting with your new employees to see how they think things are progressing and to see if they have any feedback for you.

#2 Communicate with Your Employees

If you want to create a comfortable environment that is a great place to work, communication should be top of your list.

An open door policy is helpful so your employees feel you value their thoughts and their feedback.

Employees who feel like they can talk to their manager are more engaged and feel more appreciated.

Actively engage your café employees. Provide them feedback and solicit theirs.

Many employees don’t know if they are meeting your expectations unless you tell them. And, if they aren’t meeting your expectations, it’s up to you to create a culture that provides constructive criticism without harsh words.

Your employees want to do a good job, but they need to hear about it from you in a positive manner.

Bottom line – take time for your employees. Offer constructive feedback and listen to theirs with an open mind.


#3 Provide the Right Tools

You can’t expect your employees to be happy at your café if they don’t have the proper tools to do their job.

Your employees will be happier and less stressed when you give them the right tools.

Consider some of the following ideas when it comes to helping your employees succeed:

  • Provide checklists and procedures.
  • Let them taste all of your menu items as well as your beverages.
  • Give them a small allowance for comp items in case they need to appease a customer.
  • Provide the proper equipment for their job.
  • Provide ongoing training.

Empower your employees with knowledge. This will make them want to work at your café.

#4 Recognize Good Work

Praise comes in many forms. It often doesn’t matter what form it takes, just that you provide it.

Your employees will enjoy working at your café if you let them know how much you appreciate their hard work.

Recognize staff during team meetings. Call out something you witnessed such as a line crew member who performed under stress. Listen for customer compliments and repeat them.

Whether your praise is verbal, or you offer a tangible reward, start the practice of recognizing hard work today. This helps make your café a great place to work.

#5 Hire Superior Managers

Bad leaders are often responsible for employee turnover.

If you want to make your café a great place to work, you have to have great managers in place. This can be a challenge, but persevere until you find the right person for the job.

Once you’ve found a good manager, provide ongoing training to this person because they ultimately have a great effect on your business.

To Conclude

Nation’s Restaurant News tells us that turnover in the hospitality segment in 2015 rose to 72.1%. This is up from 66.7% in 2014.

These stats are from a Bureau of Labor Statistics report and show the fifth consecutive year for an increase in turnover rates.

Turnover is a crisis in the food industry with the employee churn rate at exponential levels.

Employee turnover is bad for your café’s growth.

What does this mean for your café?

It means you have to do more to make your café a great place to work. By creating an atmosphere of trust and respect, you can do just that.

When you train your employees, reward them and pay them a fair wage, you can make your café a great place to work and retain valuable employees.

What is your favorite way to make your café a place employees want to work? How do you increase employee retention and loyalty? What are your tricks for success? Please comment below to share your tips with others.