Best Of The Best - Security Systems For Behind The Counter

Maintaining the safety of your business takes time and technology.

Keeping it safe from would-be criminals is a challenge, and one that is often overlooked by trusting business owners.

In this article, we look at the best of the best security systems for behind the counter so you can keep your business safe.

When it comes to your business security system, you’ll usually find two main options. You can hire a professional to install a hard-wired system, or you can try your hand at self-installing a wireless system.

Within those two options, you’ll also find security systems that provide video surveillance and monitoring and those that provide one or the other.

We look at examples of each of these types of systems.


With a huge selection of video recorders and cameras, the TRENDnet system is great behind your counter.

You’ll find wireless cameras, outdoor cameras, PoE cameras and even cloud cameras.

Your business needs a reliable video surveillance system that’s not only affordable, but simple to use and effective.

This system is truly tops when it comes to securing your business. In fact, may Internet searches label this system the best overall video surveillance system for small businesses.

An easy way to start is with one of their pre-bundled systems first. Then, you can build onto it instead of starting from scratch.

TRENDnet does provide customer support 24/7, so if you have problems with the equipment, help is just a phone call away.

On the expensive side, TRENDnet is an investment in video surveillance for your business. It also doesn’t provide ongoing monitoring.

Get TRENDnet


This is a very popular DIY business security system. You’ll find that SimpliSafe gives you that added layer of security for a fraction of the cost of a big company system.

SimpliSafe does detect intruders through its sensors, sounds the alarm and notifies the authorities just like a professionally installed system.

It’s super easy for you to install. SimpliSafe sends you the equipment through the mail. It comes with installation instructions for you to do on your own.

Don’t worry, though, as the installation of the SimpliSafe security system is quite easy and straightforward.

Another bonus with this system is you don’t have to carry a contract for their monitoring services making it a flexible solution for your business. Plus, you can move it if you move business locations and add on to it at any time.

Worth noting is that SimpliSafe doesn’t provide surveillance cameras. If you’re looking for surveillance in addition to a security system, let’s look at ADT.

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ADT’s equipment is a notch above in terms of features and reliability.

Because it’s hardwired, it does need professional installation, and it doesn’t have to rely on battery power.

If you’re in a high-risk business, ADT makes good sense.

You do have to sign a contract with ADT, and their pricing can vary depending on where you live.

With ADT, you’ll have all the essential tools to provide security behind the counter.

Here are a few of the features ADT offers your small business:

  • Sensors triggered by break-ins.
  • 24/7 monitoring service that contacts you as well as the authorities.
  • Video surveillance – with this feature, you can watch live feeds from your smartphone and view recordings online.
  • Key fob entry – your employees can use this to enter and unlock the door. As an added feature, you’ll get records of who entered your building at any given time.
  • Pulse remote controls – use this with your smartphone to lock/unlock doors, arm/disarm the security system, control your lights and even adjust the thermostat.
  • Motion and door sensors.
  • Control panel.
  • Glass break sensors.
  • Emergency button and a siren.

The bonus with ADT is that you can watch your employees as well with the video surveillance system. If you’re worried about stealing, this is the perfect option.



Similar in features to TRENDnet, SecurityMan is a more budget friendly option as it’s one of the most inexpensive and simple video surveillance systems.

We like their bundled system that comes with eight cameras. The system is quite easy to setup.

You can find wireless active systems as well as dummy cameras.

SecurityMan provide surveillance for behind the counter as well as inside your business. You can count on its reliable system, but note there isn’t any monitoring with it.

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To Conclude

We looked at four of the best security systems in this article. Let’s recap.

  • TRENDnet provides video surveillance but no monitoring.
  • SimpliSafe provides security and monitoring but no video surveillance.
  • ADT provides them all: video surveillance, security and monitory.
  • SecurityMan provides video surveillance but no monitoring.

You’ll find the price ranges of these four systems as varied as the systems themselves. So, you see, the best of the best security systems for behind the counter provide several different options for your business.

Sort through the details, decide which type of system you’re looking for and then sign up for one of them. Use this list and take a step towards protecting your business, your money and your staff.

In today’s climate, you can’t afford not to protect your business from thieves inside and out.

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