How To Use Technology To Manage Your Team Shifts

Managing your team takes time, technology, leadership and skill.

Some of that is learned through trial and error and experience, while part of managing your team can be done effortlessly through technology.

Technology can be used to motivate employees by providing them with an easier, streamlined way to work and go about their day.

In this article, we look at how to use technology to manage your team shifts.

Use Scheduling Software

With a program like ZoomShift, you can harness the power of technology to manage your team shifts from start to finish.

We’re going to take a look at the robust system and give you a brief overview of how this technology can assist your business.

You can see that it’s very simple to use and robust enough for all your needs:

  1. Your employee schedule begins with your team shifts.
  2. You can add a shift for any time or day of the week.
  3. Scheduling a shift doesn’t mean you have to actually assign an employee to the shift. You have this option. So, you can add a shift and decide whether or not you want to assign it by employee, position, location or not at all.
  4. You can add an unpaid break time to each shift you set. If you do, the time will be deducted when calculating hours and wages for the shift. Your employees won’t see this.
  5. You can see the history behind the scheduling, editing and publishing of a shift. A full audit log is available to you.
  6. After you’ve added shifts, at that time you can determine whether or not to publish them for your employees.
  7. When you publish the shifts, your employees get a notification of their scheduled shifts. They can choose to receive a text, email or push notification. If you make shift changes, you can also send a notification.
  8. What if you have an open shift? You can publish and share these with your employees, and they can decide whether or not they want to work the shift. This enables your employees to pick up a shift when it works for them.

When it comes to shift swapping, things can get crazy. Scheduling software takes all the hassle out of it. With ZoomShift, your employees can swap shifts easily.

Then, you get a notification and can either approve or disapprove the swap.

The system also lets you know if there is a shift conflict or an employee is headed for overtime.

One of the most important tools of this technology is the ability to set Shift Reminders. With this tool, your employees have no excuse to miss a shift.

Shift reminders allow you to set an automatic reminder to be sent to your employees to remind them when they work. This also helps you know well before a shift if an employee isn’t going to show up.

Now that you know how to use technology to manage your team shifts, let’s talk about a few other ways to keep your business running smoothly every day.


Keep Communication Open

Managing your team shifts takes a manager with an open door policy.

Make sure that you’ve created simple ways for your team to connect with you and discuss their ideas and concerns.

Employees are more confident in their job if they are comfortable talking with you about the tough stuff.

Build a culture that welcomes communication and change while encouraging innovation.

Don’t Micromanage

Nothing squelches an employee’s enthusiasm more than a micromanaging leader.

Hire the right employees and train them well so you can trust them to do the work of your company. It’s also essential to hire qualified, experienced managers to take care of your team.

Provide structure for your employees and make sure they know what you expect and how to do their jobs. This helps them succeed during every shift they work.

When you set your employees free to work, you empower them and make them want to do a good job.

Recognize Good Work

It can be hard during a busy day to stop, take a step back and objectively look at your employees.

Yet, if you take the time during demanding shifts to look at your team and notice the good things they’re doing, you’re well on your way to building morale.

The best way to keep the enthusiasm going during shifts is to recognize the high achievers.

Recognize them before, during and after each shift. Provide good feedback.

Consider recognition part of your daily task. This can be as simple as saying, “John, I noticed you really stepped in today to help Mary. I really appreciate it.”

Add energy to your staff and give them a boost with well-deserved recognition.

Final Thoughts

It’s not only difficult, but it’s time consuming to deal with employee schedules and shifts on a daily basis.

Using technology to manage your team shifts is a good idea.

Technology and a scheduling software free up your time and streamline the entire process. It allows everyone in your company access to a user friendly system that keeps things organized.

Scheduling software lets you make changes on the fly and from anywhere. It ensures your employees are on top of their schedules with notifications and the ability to logon to the system from their phone, tablet or computer.

Make managing your team shifts easy – start using a scheduling software today.

Are you ready to leverage technology to manage your team shifts through the power of ZoomShift? Smart business owners are freeing up their time by using employee scheduling and timeclock software. Contact us today to start your free trial and get started.