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Employee Surveys Part 3 - How To Use Feedback To Hire Better Employees

Most employers view employee surveys as a way to gauge attitude. That’s one great use, but employee surveys can also be used to make better hires.


How To Advertise And List Job Openings At Your Restaurant Or Hotel

When you’re looking to hire new employees, there are a number of ways you can advertise and list a job opening at your restaurant or hotel.


How To Develop Interview Questions To Qualify The Best Employees

Finding the right employees can be tricky. Here are some tips to make sure your interview questions are leading you down the the right path.


Do Employee Bonuses Really Provide The Best Incentive?

When you want to let your employees know they’ve done something well, is a bonus really the best incentive you can offer?


How To Deal With Employees That Are Consistently Late

Running a restaurant is no easy business: you have a million things to do and dealing with late employees is not something that should be taking a lot of time.


How To Find Employees Willing To Work Odd Hours

Remember your first job? It’s likely that back then, you weren’t in charge of the schedule like you are now.


How To Motivate Employees To Work Odd Hours

When you run your own business, the hours are rarely written in stone. And there’s nowhere this is more true than in the restaurant business.


5 Ways To Improve Your Management Skills

Managers are leaders. And to be the most effective leader at your restaurant, you need to be constantly looking for ways to improve your skills.


How to Host Regular Parties to Reward Your Employees

Your employees work hard for you, day in and day out. Thinking about how to host regular parties to reward your employees should be a priority.


How To Better Manage Scheduling During The Holidays

For restaurant owners, the holiday season is one of the most exciting times of the year. However, creating the schedule is always a challenge.


4 Fun Activities You Can Do With Employees To Improve Happiness

Sometimes all your employees need is a little extra fun and time to relax and bond. Here are some ideas for fun employee activities.


4 Things Employees Say Behind The Manager's Back

Every manager has to deal with it: the nagging feeling (or worse, sound) of employees talking behind their back. Here are some tips to overcome this.

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