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How To Avoid Common Problems With Employee Time Keeping

Do you trust your employees to clock in and out? Here's how to avoid common problems with employee time keeping.


4 Small Businesses That Inspire Us To Start Our Own

Have you ever thought about opening your own business? Here are 4 small businesses that inspire us to start our own.

keeping-on-top-of-your-job-3-time-wasters-that-zap-your-energy - Copy

Keeping On Top Of Your Job - 3 Time Wasters That Zap Your Energy

Time management is a learned skill. How are you keeping on top of your job. Here are 3 time wasters that zap your energy.

staying-mobile-at-university-why-the-zoomshift-mobile-app-is-your-next-best-friend - Copy

Staying Mobile At University - Why The Zoomshift Mobile App Is Your Next Best Friend

Being online is key at college. We look at staying mobile at university and why the Zoomshift mobile app is your next best friend.


Interviewing 101 - The Basics Of Conducting A Good Interview For Both Employer And Employee

Looking for new employees? Here's Interviewing 101 - the basics of conducting a good interview for both employer and employee.


Entrepreneur Tips That Will Help You Nail It - Small Business 101

Just starting out? Need a refresher? Here are entrepreneur tips that will help you nail it. Consider this Small Business 101.


5 Strategies You Can Use To Help Manage Your Multiple Location Business

Do you own multiple business locations? If so, here are five strategies you can use to help manage your multiple locations.


Optimization Tips For Your Menu - You Could Boost Your Sales

Your restaurant menu is your silent sale person. Here are optimization tips for your menu that could boost your sales


How To Open Your First Eatery For Less

Thinking about opening a restaurant? Do you have a great concept? Here's how to open your first eatery for less.


Security Companies Who Use Zoomshift Have More Accurate Time Keeping

Time keeping matters to your bottom. Security companies who use Zoomshift have more accurate time keeping. Read why inside.


6 Things Your Customers Want To See When They Walk Into Your Shop

Do you own a retail store? Do you know the 6 things customers want to see when they walk into your shop?


Home Health Care Insights - Power Of Social Engagement

Uncover home health care insights and the power of social engagement.

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