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6 Things Your Customers Want To See When They Walk Into Your Shop

Do you own a retail store? Do you know the 6 things customers want to see when they walk into your shop?


Home Health Care Insights - Power Of Social Engagement

Uncover home health care insights and the power of social engagement.


5 Questions You Need To Be Asking At Your Restaurant Interviews

Getting ready to hire new staff? Here are 5 questions you need to be asking at your restaurant interviews.


Should You Be Advertising Your Cafe?

Should you be advertising your cafe? In this post, we tell you why you should and provide tips on how to do it.


5 Ways To Make Your Cafe A Great Place To Work

Employee satisfaction is key to your success. Here are five ways to make your cafe a great place to work.


How To Develop Better Processes & Checklist For Cafe Employees

Here's how to develop better processes and a checklist for your cafe employees. This helps ensure everyone knows there job and finishes on time.


10 Ways To Improve Your Small Retail Shop Inspired By Sam Walton

Want to make your retail shop the best on the block? Here are 10 ways to improve your small retail shop inspired by Sam Walton.


How To Keep Employees Happy When They Have To Work Weekends

Work, work, work. Here's how to keep employees happy when they have to work weekends. It starts with compromise.


Does Your Restaurant Have Enough "Special" Items?

You've got a great menu. But, does your restaurant have enough "special" items? Are you meeting your diners' needs?


Are You Doing Enough To Train Your Cafe Employees?

Your employees are the face of your business. Are you doing enough to train your cafe employees?


How Cafes Can Cater To Both Local & Out-Of-Town Customers

Let's look at how cafes can cater to both local and out-of-town customers. Meeting the needs of each requires some creative thinking.


5 Tips For Handling Out-Of-Line Cafe Customers

Unruly customers make for an uncomfortable situation. Here are five tips for handling out-of-line cafe customers.

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