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7 Ways To Get Your Best Employees To Stay Longer

One of the most challenging parts of running a business is finding and keeping talent you can count on. Here are some tips to get your best employees to stay.


How To Cross Train Restaurant Employees To Avoid Issues When Someone Leaves

It’s a reality of the restaurant business: you train stellar employees with great potential, and they decide to pursue other job opportunities.


8 Ways To Reward Employees Without Giving Them Money

You’ve worked hard to build your business. And while your employees are highly valued members of your team, it’s not always easy to offer them extra money.


How To Create A Great "We're Hiring" Page On Your Restaurant Website

These days, your website is the front door of your company. That makes it one of the most important places to let the world know that you’re looking to hire.


How To Create An Ideal Employee Profile For Better Hiring

To recruit the best talent, you have to know what you need in your restaurant. Only you know the kind of person that will thrive in your environment.


5 Common Issues New Employees Have When First Starting

For a business owner, having a new employee start with your restaurant is exciting, but it can also be stressful and full of issues.


8 New Technologies That Can Help With Restaurant Employee Management

Today’s restaurant owners have access to awesome technology: from ordering to managing, here are some great tools to run your business.


How To Handle Employee Theft

There are a lot of challenges when running a business, but there’s probably nothing as challenging or disappointing as having to handle employee theft.


5 Potential Threats Facing Restaurants With Minimum Wage Employees

Even when your restaurant is running smoothly, part of being a great manager is recognizing that there are threats are lurking just under the surface.


How To Motivate Employees When They Have Jobs With Little Advancement Opportunity

If you’re concerned that some employees lack motivation, consider these tips to motivate employees and keep them focused on the task at hand.


Employee Surveys Part 1 - How To Set Up Your Survey

Unfortunately, conducting an employee survey isn’t as simple as writing a few questions and emailing them to your staff.


Employee Surveys Part 2- How To Find Business Issues

In last week’s post, we covered Part 1 of conducting employee surveys. This week, we’ll cover Part 2, focusing on how to find business issues.

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