Should You Be Advertising Your Cafe?

If you aren’t currently marketing your café, and you’re busy enough, you might be wondering if you should even bother advertising your café.

The answer in almost all instances is yes. Why? If you’re busy, it’s for the day you suddenly aren’t. If you aren’t busy, it’s to increase your business.

If those two simplified reasons aren’t enough, here are a few more reasons advertising is good for your café.

You Control the Message

To ensure that you are getting the right brand message out to the public, you want to advertise your café.

With advertising, you have complete control over the message you send to your current and potential customers.

You Can Target Customers

Gone are the days when you created a newspaper ad to blanket the entire city.

With today’s digital advertising opportunities, you can fine tune your advertising. You now have the ability to target your ideal customers very specifically.

You can also match your message to the audience so you have a better chance at making a connection and gaining a customer.

You Create Loyalty

Advertising means different things in the 21st century. With social media, email marketing, seminars, blog posts, eBooks, videos and more, you can create loyalty with your customers by providing them content that is useful.

By advertising to your customers and providing recipes, how-to videos and inside looks at your café, you not only let people into your “inner” circle, but you increase their loyalty by giving them engaging, educational and humorous content.

You Create Confidence

This is a tricky phenomenon, but it does ring true. Let’s look at the confidence issue.

Consider the café that serves good food, but doesn’t advertise. No one knows about them, and their parking lot is empty.

Along comes a potential customer who sees the empty parking lot. They think this must be a bad omen, so they leave.
A similar thing happens with advertising. If you broadcast your message on cable TV, you post regularly on social media, and you send emails with coupons to customers, you give the message that you are successful.

Why? You certainly couldn’t afford all of that marketing if you weren’t filling your restaurant. The perception that you have money to spend can often be enough to fill your parking lot.

Now let’s talk about some tips for your café advertising.


Get a Website

When it comes to advertising, the pivotal piece of your strategy should be your website.

Most of your customers will search for you online, so you want them to find you. They are usually after your address, phone number and menu.

Be sure that your site is mobile-friendly, which means it resizes on devices such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

You want customers to find you before they find your competition, so be sure your site is first-rate and optimized for search.

Consider adding a food blog that you update regularly. Include an online menu and links to your social media.

Offer an email sign up, specials of the day and online promotions.

Grow Your Email List

Email marketing works, so put it to work for you.

Grow your email database through sign-ups on your website and inside your café.

Email marketing is a superb way to reach out to your cafe customers and build and maintain a relationship.

Share your content on social media and link to your website through your emails.

Offer tips, recipes, educational videos, coupons and anything you think your customers will enjoy.

Get on Social Media

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to social media platforms for your café.

You don’t have to try them all at once, but we do suggest you try a few. Some of the best ones for your café include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Social media helps you create brand awareness while increasing word of mouth advertising. Be sure to be personable while offering content that matters.

Don’t go overboard with coupons and sales tactics.

Social media allows you to engage your customer base all year long sharing engaging content and engendering loyalty.

Create a Loyalty Program

Another easy form of advertising is the loyalty or rewards program.

This is a great way to encourage repeat business for your café. You can invite people to join while they’re enjoying your café, through your email newsletter, social media or your website.

To Conclude

If you have a great café complete with a bountiful menu and exceptional customer service, you want people to know about.

The best way to do this is with advertising. If you don’t advertise, no one is going to know you exist.

Advertising leads to brand awareness, the success of your café, and more revenue.

When you do advertising right, you remind customers of your presence, while informing new customers about the reasons they should give you a try.

Advertising allows you to establish and maintain your brand awareness and identity, while increasing your reputation in the community.

For nearly all restaurants and cafes, advertising is beneficial. So yes, you should be advertising your café to build your clientele and boost sales.

Do be patient, because advertising takes time.

Create a marketing plan and an advertising strategy. Incorporate digital marketing such as social media, your website, email marketing and even pay-per-click. Add in traditional marketing such as print, radio and TV if you think your market demands it.

Finally, after you create your advertising plan, work it. Monitor your results and tweak as necessary.

** What is your favorite way to advertise your cafe? Have you tried any of these tactics? What are your tricks for success? Please comment below to share your tips with others.**