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24/7 coverage for busy law enforcement agencies.

Complex shift coverages shouldn’t be a full-time job. Harness the power of custom shift schedule templates to save your police department time and money when it comes to workforce management.

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Fewer scheduling mistakes and greater attention to detail.

Law enforcement scheduling often requires long hours, rotating shifts, tracking extra duty, tracking officer certifications, and multiple mandatory breaks. With ZoomShift, police officers can see their duty assignments and can clock in and out on the go.

Sergeants and shift commanders also get the added benefit of seeing a real-time dashboard of everyone’s status so they know who’s clocked in and who may be on a break. It also means catching missed punches on time cards in real-time and catching overtime before it happens. With our scheduling solution, your officers can focus on important public safety matters, not their schedules.

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Time-off tracking that empowers your police officers.

Shifts have to get covered – you know that and so do your officers. But sometimes life throws you a curveball. You wake up sick, or your kids have an out-of-town soccer game.

Thankfully, with ZoomShift’s swap shift functionality, you don’t have to call down a list to find a replacement or barter with your shift commander. You simply fire up the app, create a shift cover request, and every capable and eligible officer at the unit gets notified of your shift swap request. The exchange happens in-app, and everyone wins.

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Streamline officer scheduling to make staffing faster.

Get everything you need in one place – availability preferences, time off requests, events, shift swaps. Use templates to build schedules, fast.

  • Copy work schedules

    Use templates to schedule in minutes. Drag and drop shifts in place on the calendar.

  • Improve staff accountability

    Share schedules via text messages, push, and email. Automatically remind officers before their shift starts.

  • Everything in one place

    Invite your team to view their schedules, set their availability preferences, request time off, track extra duty, and pick up open shifts.

  • Track labor hours and dollars

    Track labor and keep an eye on extra duty. Always stay in control of payroll costs.

  • Improve department communication

    Keep your team in the loop with event schedules, group chats, and direct messages.

  • Manage requests with ease

    No more texts or calls. Respond to shift swaps and time-off requests in one place.


Frequently Asked Questions

At its core, scheduling software like ZoomShift keeps your staff on the same page with its feature-rich web and mobile app. The schedule is online and easily viewed 24/7 by both your team and managers. It also makes it easy to communicate when shift cover requests go out or the schedule gets published since ZoomShift has text, email, and push notifications. That means fewer no-shows and fewer back-and-forth email and text chains to cover shifts.
The simplicity of ZoomShift is why people love it so much. Commanders enter all officers into the app alongside pertinent info like their job title, certifications, and wages. Once all your employees are entered into ZoomShift, you can begin shift planning by clicking Schedule in the navigation bar and slotting your employees for the shifts you need to be covered. Rinse and repeat as necessary and copy schedules daily, weekly, or even monthly to save time.

Prices vary based on which package you select and how many active employees are using the software each month. Check out our Starter, Premium, and Enterprise solutions to see what fits your needs the best.

We offer a full-fledged 14-day free trial you can access here. No credit card is required.

Yes, you can chat directly with our sales team by heading over to our homepage, clicking Demo at the top right section of your screen, and choosing a date and time that works best for you.

We also have an in-depth Knowledge Center jam-packed with popular articles, guides, and more frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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Make changes to the schedule and timesheets on the fly. Empower your officer to collaborate anytime, anywhere. ZoomShift's free apps for iPhone and Android keep your team in sync and put you at ease.

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Simplify your law enforcement scheduling today.

Spend less time scheduling and more time investing in your team and police department

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