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Our customers are amazing.

Like us, they care about the details and are intentional about everything. Here are a few companies doing extraordinary things – using ZoomShift to power their team.

  • Pier 290

    Restaurants Case Study

    "We love ZoomShift – it's super easy. With the app, our staff always knows when they work."
    Dana & Danielle
    Pier 290
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  • Avant Bicycle & Cafe

    Food Beverage Case Study

    "I love how simple scheduling is with ZoomShift. It just works."
    Avant Bicycle & Cafe
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  • Clear Water Outdoor

    Retail Case Study

    "ZoomShift helped us save money on payroll and gave me more time to invest in building the business."
    Clear Water Outdoor
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  • Stone Creek Coffee

    Food Beverage Case Study

    "ZoomShift helps us fill shifts and it keeps everyone on the same page."
    Drew & Harmony
    Stone Creek Coffee
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How can we make your life better?

We asked companies how their lives were better after using ZoomShift. Here's what they said:

I have been a customer for almost three years now and cannot recommend this software enough.
Evergreen State College
I'm impressed with this software. Each update has refined the features and made it easier to use.
West Seattle Cyclery
Helps our staff with better attendance; easy access to their schedule from anywhere, anytime! Saves time scheduling multiple locations and distributing a schedule to staff.
Smugglers' Notch Resort
I'm currently using this software for over 60 employees. It's incredibly user-friendly. I probably spend about 1-2 minutes explaining how the app works and my employees pick up on it right away. In addition to being a great app, the creators of the app are wonderful. They're very quick to respond if you have any questions or need any help. They're also very receptive to feedback. The versatility of this app is great and I think it works for a wide range of business models. I highly recommend using it!
Home Shopping Network
This has made scheduling so much easier, it packs everything we need into one simple website!
Pier 290
I will continue to tell other business owners about this, and how it will simplify their lives!
Clear Water Outdoor
We have over 75 employees and this is a logistical lifesaver. I would highly encourage trying this program!
Cascade Raft And Kayak
I LOVE ZoomShift! I have researched and tried many other scheduling programs and ZoomShift is by far the best. It is easy to use and all of my employees love it. It is completely reliable which has been a problem for us with other programs in the past. It also has made scheduling much easier and quicker. We absolutely love it and I have nothing bad to say about it!
The Paint Bar
ZoomShift has completely changed the way I make the schedule, making it far more easier than before. Previously, I made the schedule using Google Sheets. It worked for a long time while Green Cab was a small company. Now, with 25 vehicles and almost 50 drivers, it would be impossible to make the schedule using our old system. The things I like most about zoomshift are: Moving drivers into different vehicles by clicking and dragging. Creating shift templates. Creating a shift with a click of a button. Shifts turning red when an employee requests the day off. Allowing employees to swap shifts. Before, time off requests were done verbally, now we have a centralized system to record all time off requests.
Perfect, excellent, couldn't ask for better...colossal time saver, stupid easy to use...and we're not even using it the way they planned for us to use it...we've morphed it to our own devices and it's brilliant!
UCO Design
We moved to ZoomShift from a paper based version to help inform 10-15 staff. It gave us the ability to inform all members of staff easily and gave them the ability to check their shifts without having to refer back to the shop. ZoomShift has improved with each update and they are always improving and adding to the system to make it easier to complete time consuming jobs.
Avanti Coffee House
Right off the bat, let me say that I absolutely love this software! Clock in from your phone? Check! Copy schedule templates by week to save time? Check! Assign new positions, locations, and employees on the fly? CHECK! With a feature-rich program that lets you create schedules, approve and review timesheets, and print reports of wages and earnings, there's no management question that ZoomShift can't answer. And if a question or two happens to slip by, rest assured that ZoomShift offers one of the best customer support services I've ever experienced. Just click a bubble on the corner of your screen and a chat bubble pops up, and within moments the team at ZoomShift will shoot back a response to solve any problem you may encounter. It's like instant messaging your best friend in IT. And the 'low cost' to 'feature-rich application' ratio is INCREDIBLY imbalanced in favor of the user. For only a few dollars per employee, gain over 20 different tools and utilizations to help you track time, initiate group discussions, drag and drop employee timeslots, filter by store or employee, it's an all-around MUST for anyone maintaining a business, and a clock-in system setup on your computer or tablet only adds more sweetness in the icing on the cake. It seems like I'm rambling, but there really IS this much to talk about when it comes to ZoomShift. And I swear by my life that I'm not paid or sponsored by ZoomShift at all. These guys deserve some credit for listening to the people that want a complete scheduling workstation. Gone are the days of mentally draining timeslot puzzle solving chores. ZoomShift has clocked in.
Athena Corp.
I have been using ZoomShift for about 6 months now and I have saved so much time in making staff's time sheet. It is so easy to use and I always get a prompt answer on questions I have asked. The customer is excellent and I would really recommend for small businesses. With Zoomshift, You can save so much time planning and making employees schedules. You can make many adjustments such as changing employees working hours or working days and its hourly pay. Last minute change is available as you can simply click employee shift and make an adjustment. Also, it gives you a good picture of how much you are spending on your payroll and how much you are paying to each employee weekly. The print/export function also allows you to convert your schedule to pdf file which you can print and give it to your employees. "copy and paste" identical shift function also allows you to save so much time making employee schedule.
Hikari Sushi
This app is very user friendly and extremely helpful! I tried creating a schedule in a spreadsheet and let's just say, it took me triple the amount of time it takes in ZoomShift. Very grateful for this tool!
Smart Play
I have to spend significantly less time on scheduling. The shift templates allow me to just select what I need to schedule and go, and the easy visibility and the hour accumulation is super handy. I couldn't be happier.
Haggertys Musicworks
Everything on all levels has improved using ZoomShift. Cleaner and easier to read schedules for both managers and employees. Easy to use schedule creator. Easy to use for employees to clock in and out and leave notes when needed. Updating new schedules immediately along with approving time off and shift swaps. Timesheets easy to access, read, and extract needed information from. Love it so far, thanks for the great service.
I'm still learning all the features, but in the short time I've used it, ZoomShift has been a sanity saver for me. As a small business owner who also maintains a full-time 'day' job, coordinating four part-time employees' schedules had been a chaotic mass of emails, texts and hand-written notes, not to mention distraction from my other duties, before I found ZoomShift. Now I can check the schedule from wherever I am, and it helps me plan our workflow much more easily. I also appreciate that any time I've asked a question about it, I've received a prompt, helpful response. I'm recommending ZoomShift to all my small business-owner friends!
Mount Vernon Confections
Such a great program, that makes scheduling a breeze.
Purple Orchid Resort
We are a start up and a scheduling tool was part of the staffing model we have developed to supply reliable, organised staff for our clients. In fact it is crucial to the success of our model, and, in giving us a competitive edge. We literally could not start the business unless we had a reliable scheduling application that ticked all the boxes. In ZoomShift we found that tool. Simple as that.
Big Sky Solutions
We have only been using ZoomShift for a short time, but it has really helped with employee attendance and punctuality. The reminders for shifts and clocking in have helped me as a manager when I am not on site, but also my employees with time management.
Museum of the Southwest
I like using ZoomShift because of the visibility I have to see staff availability and the recent addition to include availability effective dates, which is perfect when scheduling students and their changing schedules. My staff like ZoomShift’s mobile app which gives them the ability to request swaps and accept shifts, right on their phone. I like the mobility of ZoomShift because shifts are picked up much quicker.
Oregon State University
ZoomShift has definitely made it very easy to handle the paperwork aspect of my business.
MJL Parking Service
ZoomShift has made it much easier to schedule employees each week. It also gives our staff the ability to keep track of their shifts.
The Perfect Provenance
ZoomShift has evolved to offer many features that are extremely useful including copying schedules, changing availability and adding requests quickly, turning notifications on/off, setting time limitations for when staff can submit a request and being able to turn many functions on/off. While there have been kinks, many features keep getting better and better, making for convenient and hassle-free schedule writing!
ZoomShift makes it easier for me to keep track of my weekly payroll expenses based on employee schedules. I can also easily track who is not available for shifts when they use the time-off request function.
RJC Studios
ZoomShift has made scheduling a breeze.
Jones Shirts and Signs
I am using ZoomShift to schedule teachers and classes at a private ESL school, and it totally works for our needs. There are a couple features we don't need, but they don't get in the way. Customer service at ZoomShift is very swift and super friendly.
Global Vision Training
Keeps getting better and better. So glad we no longer need a magnifying glass to look at the printed schedule!
The Bridge to Recovery
Awesome for both managers and employees. This is great software and outstanding customer service.
Wentz Orthodontics
Very easy to use, makes scheduling very easy and lets you work efficiently. Great for the staff as well to be able to get their schedules and put in requests for time off or trade shifts.
Simple Milwaukee LLC
They were there every step of the way through installation and they are extremly helpful and freindly. Any request for changes that we've put in have gone through in less than a week! I recommend to any and everyone in need of scheduling software!!!
Sandy's Savvy Chic Resale
ZoomShift gave me the ability to take care of my employees without having to stress. All the hassles of scheduling are taken care of through their system. I'm grateful for the extra time I can spend on the million other tasks I need to worry about.
Laurier Social House
This is a great web-based timesheet management tool that provides exactly what we need as a startup. We have been open 11 weeks and have 9 staff and without ZoomShift we would have been subject to creating spreadsheets. The clock in location feature is especially useful.
The VR Concept
I have enjoyed the convenience of getting the schedule done and getting it done quickly and out to my employees. The shift reminders are nice as well!
Boost Mobile by Orbit Express
Great customer support. All of my questions have been answered! There are a few functions I wish it had but overall it has helped me to be more efficient when scheduling my staff. My staff love the feature of the app and being able to get alerts on their phones.
This is an excellent product for a great value, and we plan to stick with it for the foreseeable future. We did no fill out the customer support section b/c we have not needed it - which inherently makes this product 5 stars.
BB Bridgewater, LLC
I was searching for a scheduling application for my small business and came across ZoomShift, it has helped me to engage my mostly volunteer workforce in the scheduling process in a way that has saved me loads of time and stress. I have appreciated the prompt customer service and ease of use of the application. We have been using zoom shift for two months and are still learning the ins and out of it all, but would recommend it to other small businesses.
The DIME Store
ZoomShift is a flexible and accessible tool for employees to be able to change their schedule to fit their needs. It's easy to make last minute changes to schedules, adjust employee hours while simultaneously being able to keep track on how much your spending on payroll. They offer exporting tools that are convenient for accounting. Overall i'm very satisfied with the product. The customer service is great, always friendly and checking up answering question and offering tips. It's very affordable for everything that it offers. It's a very user friendly tool that is easy to use for both employees and management. It has taken out all the hassle of scheduling!
Buds SOS
This has been a time saver for me, ZoomShift is really the best scheduling software I have found.
Cheeky Chic Baby Boutique
ZoomShift is a great way of controlling and organising staff, and keeps an easy to view record of who has done what and when. Clocking in function via the app is brilliant and makes it easy for the staff to use. I've tried a number of other apps and this is the best by far - plus it's developing all the time so will only get better and better!
The Hay Experts
I've been running a small business with 4+ employees for the last 3 years and scheduling labor had always been a huge task. I had no idea this type of software was available. With this software I'm able to bring my labor cost down, organize employees and use less time planning employees scheduling. Over all, this service is awesome. The user interface is clean and simple to use. The pricing doesn't hurt and customer support is on point.
OSV Vape Shop
I chose ZoomShift over other scheduling software because of the ease of use. The schedules I'm managing change weekly so I love the way I'm able to save a shift templates and just choose which shift is needed day by day. The interface allows me to drag and replace shifts if I accidentally schedule something in the wrong spot, which is helpful when I'm trying not to spend all day on schedules. The customer service is also great, every time I have a question I just chat in and Jon or Ben are super quick to reply back.

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