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Say goodbye to human error, no-shows, and unforeseen labor costs.

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Make more informed decisions

Plan shifts for weeks or months in advance in a fraction of the time.

  • Shift Swaps

    Shift planning naturally comes with the need for adjustments. ZoomShift empowers employees to find their own replacements, so you don’t have to call down a list.

  • No More No-Shows

    Shift planning with ZoomShift makes it easy for your whole team to have a single source of truth. Everyone can see the published schedule from any device at any time.

  • Labor Forecast

    Accurately forecasting labor costs is a pivotal task for every business. Combined with daily or weekly revenue, you have next-level insights to save the company money and ensure it operates as efficiently as possible.

  • Mobile App

    Carry the power of ZoomShift in your pocket and reap the benefit of shift-reminder and shift cover request notifications.

  • Plan Months in Advance

    Shift planning is tedious, which is why ZoomShift built value-rich features like shift templates and the ability to copy shifts. You’ll plan shifts for weeks or months in advance in a fraction of the time.

  • Overhead Costs

    Labor cost forecasting and the ease of scheduling shifts month in advance means you can plan costs months ahead of time and make more informed decisions.

No More Spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets are great for many things, but shift planning isn’t one of them. They’re not mobile-friendly and lack the features managers and employees want, like shift reminder notifications, shift swapping, and the ability to clock-in and out. With the ZoomShift app, your team can trust that everyone knows their shift schedule and can easily make changes on the fly where necessary.

Minimizes errors and overpaying employees

Shift planning leaves a lot of room for error. With ZoomShift, you have the peace of mind that costly timesheet errors like missed punches, unnecessary overtime, and early clock-ins won’t stack up. The software lets you set rules and create notification alerts to bring your attention to issues before they become a problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At its core, shift planning is a feature-rich calendar that keeps track of who’s working which days, what times they’re working, who’s on PTO, and the total labor costs for the day. You can plan out shifts weeks or months in advance, and where appropriate, you can copy shifts to reduce manual entry.
Once all your employees are entered into ZoomShift, you can begin shift planning by clicking Schedule in the navigation bar. Once the calendar pops up, you’ll want to click the green +New button and select Shift. In the pop-up New Shift menu, you’ll select the team member, confirm details like wage, position, and location, then select the shift date, start time, end time, unpaid break, and add any pertinent notes. Repeat until your schedule is full and click Publish so everyone can see it.
Shift planning is included with all ZoomShift plans. Prices vary based on which package you select and how many active employees are using the software each month. Check out our Starter, Premium, and Enterprise solutions to see what fits your needs the best.

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Make more informed decisions

Plan shifts for weeks or months in advance in a fraction of the time.