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Time clock software and app designed for hourly employees.

Track time from anywhere, prevent timesheet errors, and run payroll in minutes.

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Track employee hours and edit timesheets from anywhere.

  • Track time easily

    Use our free web and mobile time clocks to track hours. No clunky extra hardware. Track GPS and whitelist IP addresses.

  • Save on labor costs

    Avoid costly timesheet errors before they happen. Block early clock-ins, block overtime, and fix missed punches easily.

  • Run payroll faster

    Customize your payroll report to export all the information you need and none that you don't.

What our customers say

Track employee time.

Timesheet management can be a mess. Staying on budget. Knowing where and when employees are working. There's a lot riding on getting payroll right.

ZoomShift's time clock software puts you in control of employee timesheets.

  • Employees can clock-in for assigned shifts using the web time clock or mobile time clock.
  • You can edit timesheets on the fly from the free iPhone and Android apps.
  • Review and approve timesheets easily. Run payroll reports in minutes.
Name Date Time Wages Duration Position
Ben Rector
May 24 9am - 4pm $14.00 7.00 hrs Manager
Jon Mclaughlin
May 24 10am - 2pm $8.00 4.00 hrs Server
Jackie Keen
May 24 10am - 2pm $8.00 4.00 hrs Server
Grace Bahr
May 24 10am - 2pm $8.00 4.00 hrs Host
Dave Barnes
May 24 2pm - 8pm $8.00 4.00 hrs Host
Totals $194.00 19.00 hrs

Prevent timesheet errors.

Time tracking errors can kill your bottom line. Early and late punches. Extra shifts. You can lose hundreds of dollars a month if you're not careful.

ZoomShift's timesheet rules give you control, and prevent errors from happening.

  • Block employees from clocking in wihout being scheduled.
  • Track missed shifts, late punches, early punches, and extra shifts.
  • Get notified when a team member is nearing overtime.
Name Scheduled Actual Status
John Elias
9am - 4pm ---
Missed Shift
Jeff Erickson
9am - 2pm 9am - ?
Missed Clock Out
John Meyer
10am - 4pm 9:30am - 2pm
Early Clock In
Sarah Marks
11am - 2pm ? - 2pm
Missed Clock In
Josh Harper
--- 9am - 2pm
Not Scheduled

Time Clock Benefits

1. Overtime

Use ZoomShift’s time clock feature to track employees' hours in
real-time, including work hours, various break hours, meal hours, and overtime.

2. Time Off

ZoomShift makes it easy for employees to request time off for vacation, events, errands, or sick leave. Managers can quickly approve or deny PTO requests, and all approved time-off requests are easily viewed via the main schedule page, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

3. Attendance Tracking

Attendance tracking is a breeze with ZoomShift. At a glance, you can see who’s clocked in at what locations and who may be running late or out
on PTO.

4. Timesheets

ZoomShift makes timesheet management effortless. You can generate detailed timesheets in seconds and make adjustments on the fly where necessary.

5. Reports

With timesheets approved, you’re ready to use ZoomShift’s payroll reporting tools. ZoomShift will break down who worked what hours and calculate gross pay for any specified period of time. Get even more granular by filtering for location, position, or team member.

Time Clock Benefits
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Employee Time Clock

Frequently Asked Questions

Time clock software enables employees to log their hours worked onto digital timesheets. They can clock in, clock out, and log breaks on their phone or the computer.
ZoomShift provides the freedom to log hours and make changes to your timesheet on the go. It also reduces payroll costs, drastically cuts schedule creation time, and enhances your team’s communication.
ZoomShift’s pricing varies based on whether you choose a monthly or annual subscription. There’s a starter plan that’s perfect for startups and growing small businesses, a premium plan that acts as a one-size-fits-all plan with added features, and an enterprise plan with custom pricing and solutions. If you’re interested, try ZoomShift free for 14 days.
Early clock-ins, missed clock-outs, and unnecessary overtime stack up quickly and are costly to your business. ZoomShift makes it easy to fix missed punches, adjust timesheets, and warn you when employees are nearing overtime.
As employees arrive for their designated shift, they have the option to clock-in on ZoomShift from their phone or computer. Once they log in, they’ll see the current time, shift schedule, their location, and the option to add a note if they wish before clicking Clock In. ZoomShift gives management the flexibility to block clock-ins outside of scheduled work hours and show you in real-time if an employee missed a shift, forgot to clock-out, or missed a clock-in.

Who Uses ZoomShift Time Clock Feature?

ZoomShift’s mobile-friendly time clock feature allows you to make changes from your phone, tablet, or laptop and provides timely notifications, so you know what’s happening at work even when you’re not there. Here are just a few industries that find ZoomShift’s time clock feature useful:


How to
Get Started with Employee Time Clock Software

1. Create An Account

All it takes to get started is an email and password along with your name and the company’s name. Did we mention you get a 14-day free trial?

2. Add Team Members

Click on the Team page from the navigation bar and select New to add employees. From there, all you need is their name, email, phone number, and compensation information like hourly wages and hours worked per week. The system will let you pick permission levels, position title, and location. When you’re done, you hit Create, and they’ll get an email invite so they can log in.

3. Clock In and Clock Out

If you have a dedicated station at work, you can set up ZoomShift as a kiosk where people can clock in and out using a pin. Another option is allowing employees to log in from a browser or the ZoomShift app.

Go Mobile With ZoomShifts Time Clock App

An employee time clock app isn’t complete unless employees and managers can take it on-the-go. Employees can clock in and out from the app, see their schedule, request shift changes, message teammates or managers, and pick up open shifts.

Managers can edit timesheets, create payroll reports, and compare scheduled vs. actual hours and costs. The mobile app makes it easy to get shift reminders and open shift availabilities via push notification.

Pick up the ZoomShift mobile app on the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Mobile App

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