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Mobility and freedom for the modern healthcare worker.

Anything you can do from your desk you can do on the go: Access your healthcare organization’s schedule, communicate with colleagues, swap shifts, and log your hours.

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Healthcare staff scheduling in a fraction of the time.

Schedules rarely stay the same, especially in the healthcare industry. Waiting rooms fill up, people call in sick, and your staff requires flexibility to handle their complex personal lives.

With ZoomShift’s nextgen software solution, healthcare scheduling doesn’t require hours of your attention so you can focus on patient care. You set the schedule, implement shift rules, and empower your staff to cover shift requests without you. Our self-scheduling is that easy.

All you have to do is set the first version, drag-and-drop shifts around to satisfaction, and send it out to the team. Save templates of your schedule to make next week or even next month’s schedule even quicker.

Minimize Error

GPS time clock functionality for accurate time logging.

Staffing medical offices, medical practices, health systems, clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, wellness centers, telemedicine practices, and mobile units are no easy feat. Proper staffing is a key to efficient practice management. It requires the right mix of people at the right place at the right time.

Thankfully, ZoomShift has a GPS time clock tool that gives you the confidence that your team is clocked in at the right time and the right location.

The best part? Your team can clock in from the web app or mobile app. Simply download ZoomShift on the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

GPS Time Clock
employee work schedule maker

Streamline your healthcare staff scheduling.

Get everything you need in one place – availability preferences, time off requests, events, shift swaps. Use templates to build schedules, fast.

  • Copy work schedules

    Use templates to schedule in minutes. Drag and drop shifts in place on the calendar.

  • Improve staff accountability

    Share schedules via text message, push notification, and email. Automate reminders from team members so they are alerted before their shift starts.

  • Everything in one place

    Invite your team to view their schedules, set their availability preferences, request time off, and pick up open shifts.

  • Track labor hours and dollars

    Track labor to sales and keep an eye on overtime. Always stay in control of payroll costs.

  • Improve communication

    Keep your team in the loop with event schedules, group chats, and direct messages.

  • Manage requests with ease

    No more text messages or calls. Respond to shift swaps and time-off requests in one place.

Why do healthcare providers choose ZoomShift’s staff scheduling software?

Seamless scheduling

The easy drag and drop scheduling tools let you create conflict-free schedules based on your hospital needs. As per the staff-to-patient ratios, create custom templates to use for daily, weekly, or monthly hospital schedules.

Eliminate human error

Streamlining the employee scheduling process and time tracking with ZoomShift helps managers stay on top of the labor budgets and cuts down on human error when calculating payroll. The managers save considerable man-hours and minimize human error.

Efficiently manage multiple locations

Our scheduling software seamlessly manages schedules across different locations and keeps you connected with your teams. Using filters, approve timesheets and run the payroll on the go. From a single dashboard, managers can communicate with employees across multiple teams at different locations.

Employee friendly scheduling

Empower healthcare workers with web and mobile apps to view and access their schedules from anywhere and anytime. Employees can request time off, swap shifts, pick open shifts or decline schedules, and communicate with their managers on the go in real-time from one single app.

Reduce employee cost

ZoomShift employee scheduling solution places worker schedulable and overtime hours limit. It helps forecast your labor costs while scheduling and preventing overtime expenses. It assists with shift swaps and any available shifts that need coverage. This reduces valuable time spent on finding team members to cover last minute shifts.

Scheduling Benefits


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Scheduling Software

At its core, an employee scheduling software like ZoomShift keeps your healthcare staff on the same page with its feature-rich web and mobile app. The schedule is online and easily viewed 24/7 by both your team and managers. It also makes it easy to communicate when shift cover requests go out or the schedule gets published since ZoomShift has text, email, and push notifications. That means fewer no shows and fewer back-and-forth email and text chains to cover shifts.
The simplicity of ZoomShift is why people love it so much. Managers enter all employees into our scheduling app alongside pertinent info like their job title and wages. Once all your employees are entered into ZoomShift, you can begin shift planning by clicking Schedule in the navigation bar and slotting your employees for the shifts you need to be covered. Rinse and repeat as necessary and copy schedules daily, weekly, or even monthly to save time. Check out this video to set up your first schedule in ZoomShift.

Prices vary based on which package you select and how many active employees are using the software each month. Check out our Starter, Premium, and Enterprise solutions to see what fits your needs the best.

We offer a full-fledged 14-day free trial you can access here. No credit card is required.

At this time, we do not have patient scheduling solutions, EMR/EHR support, or medical billing integrations. We hope to expand soon and create a hipaa-compliant, medical scheduling software.

ZoomShift’s scheduling system enhances your internal communication, helps you catch payroll mistakes, reduces human error, helps your team to optimize their workflows, and acts as an all-in-one mobile solution so your team can stay connected anywhere. ZoomShift is affordable and helps you save on labor costs by streamlining your employee scheduling and payroll tasks.

Shift scheduling templates save you precious time and effort each week. ZoomShift helps you quickly build out shift calendars that you can copy from week to week or months in advance. Everything is color-coded and straightforward to use on both desktop and mobile devices.

Is your health system only doing telehealth? Are you based in multiple states? We can help you find the right scheduling solution for your unique business needs. If you have questions about ZoomShift, you can chat directly with our sales team. Simply book a demo by choosing a date and time that works best for you.

We also have an in-depth Knowledge Center jam-packed with popular articles, guides, and more frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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