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Time Off Tracking
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Time-off tracking shouldn’t be complicated

Built-in calculators designed to take the guesswork out of PTO balance tracking

  • Automatic PTO Accrual Calculation

    ZoomShift's PTO calculator automatically tallies PTO balances based on how much each employee accrues over a given time period minus any used PTO.

  • Time-off Requests

    Employee vacation tracking and time-off tracking are as simple as selecting the date and times requested along with an optional note.

  • Notifications when close
    to Reaching Limit

    Employee time-off tracking takes awareness to another level with its timely notifications. If any staff member is nearing their PTO limit, they’ll get alerted.

  • Differentiate between Employees

    Some employees accrue PTO at a higher rate based on role or tenure. ZoomShift helps you differentiate the two with its PTO accrual calculator.

  • Reassign Shifts

    No time off tracker is complete without some added room for flexibility. If the need to reassign shifts pops up, you can easily assign the shift to another team member in seconds.

  • PTO Reports

    PTO reports are especially handy for viewing employee PTO balances and any upcoming time off at a glance.

Mobile App PTO Calculator

ZoomShift’s employee vacation trackers have built-in calculators designed to take the guesswork out of PTO balance tracking. Not only do they streamline the time-off request process, but they also allow you to keep track of your time off balances on the go with the mobile app. You can review request PTO, make edits to existing requests, and review your time off balances on the app.

Download the ZoomShift app on the Apple App Store for iOS devices and on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Save Time

Time-off tracking shouldn’t be complicated, and thanks to ZoomShift, it isn’t. Managers no longer have to stress over complex manual calculations or clunky spreadsheets. Employees can simply request time off on their work computers or directly from their mobile devices in seconds. Managers then get notified of requests instantly and can easily compare them to their existing balances and employee schedule to make informed decisions. When it comes time for reporting, managers also have the freedom to generate PTO reports that provide all the insights they need to keep operations running smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Time off tracking for vacation time, personal time, holidays, sick leave, family leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, and jury duty are all easily tracked in ZoomShift by clicking +New on the Home Page or Schedule Page and selecting Time Off Request.

You’ll enter your desired date, start and end times, and a note in the pop-up box. Once finished, you’ll click Save & Approve. Managers will see the request and either approve and deny your request.

Under Settings in the main menu, you’ll find the Time Off Requests sub-menu. In the menu, you’ll find Time Off Request settings such as requiring supervisor approval, locking approved/denied requests, time off visibility settings, and request notice settings.
ZoomShift has the perfect plan for all your time-off tracking needs with our Starter, Premium, and Enterprise solutions. Prices differ depending on which package you choose and how many active staff members are using the program each month.

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Time-off tracking shouldn’t be complicated

Built-in calculators designed to take the guesswork out of PTO balance tracking