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Create employee schedules in minutes, improve staff accountability, and reduce your labor costs.

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Schedule employees in minutes, not hours.

Ditch your spreadsheets, and gain total control of your work schedule.

  • Copy work schedules

    Use schedule templates to schedule in minutes. Drag and drop shifts in place on the calendar.

  • Improve staff accountability

    Share schedules via text, push, and email. Automatically remind team members before their shift starts.

  • Everything in one place

    Invite your team to view their schedules, set employee availability preferences, request time off, and pick up open shifts.

  • Find replacements in seconds

    Find a shift replacement when someone calls in. Select available team members assigned to the right position and location.

  • Always be covered

    Empower your team to swap shifts. No more calling down a list. Notify your team with open shifts when you need extra help.

  • Get help with the schedule

    Add supervisor and manager permissions to help respond to time off requests and make shift changes.

  • Track labor hours and dollars

    Track labor to sales and keep an eye on overtime. Always stay in control of payroll costs.

  • Improve team communication

    Keep your team in the loop with event schedules, group chats, and direct messages.

  • Manage requests with ease

    No more text messages or calls. Respond to shift swaps and time off requests in one place.

What our customers say

Get everything in one place.

Building employee schedules can be chaotic. Things can slip through the cracks – staff availability preferences, time off requests, last minute call-ins.

ZoomShift's employee scheduling software keeps it all in one place.

  • View employee availability, time offs, shift swaps, and events from one place.
  • Create schedules by day, week, and month.
  • Copy schedules weekly and apply templates.
Everything at once place

Improve staff accountability.

Dealing with no-shows and late employees is stressful. He said. She said. Communication gets lost in multiple systems.

ZoomShift holds everyone accountable by being the single source of truth.

  • Give your team 24/7 access to the schedule online and with free iPhone and Android apps.
  • Keep your staff informed when the schedule changes by sending email, text, and push notifications.
  • Automatically remind team members before their shift starts.
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Employee Scheduling Benefits

ZoomShift is employee scheduling software at its finest.
ZoomShift provides clarity when your team needs it most. With the online employee scheduling, you’ll get real-time views of the team’s schedule and can easily make changes on the fly. Here are a few added benefits you can expect with ZoomShift:

Streamline Employee Scheduling

Time tracking is easier than ever with ZoomShift since the scheduling calendar is integrated with both the time clock and timesheets.
Leverage schedule templates to fill shifts in minutes, not hours.

Speed Up Payroll Processing

Effortlessly export timesheets where needed so you can import them directly into your payroll software. The tight payroll integration makes tracking scheduled labor costs vs. actual costs a breeze.

Quickly Find Replacements

Keep your workforce attendance at full capacity with convenient shift reminders via text, push, and email notifications. The all-in-one workforce management app makes filling vacant shifts a painless process free of endless list dialing.

Enlist Reinforcements

Adding other supervisor and manager roles can help you ease the burden of staff scheduling, covering shifts, and running payroll. The ZoomShift empowers your staff to stay on top of their schedule and help with shift coverage where necessary.

Scheduling Benefits

Mobile App

ZoomShift is a cloud-based employee scheduling software that’s accessible from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Managers and employees both reap the benefits of ZoomShift’s employee scheduling app on-the-go with capabilities ranging from clocking in and out to editing timesheets and picking up schedule shifts.

Pick up the ZoomShift mobile app on the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

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Other Zoomshift Features

Make work schedules, track time, and improve team communication.

  • Scheduling App

    Scheduling App

    Download our free mobile app to make work schedules on the fly, track time, and improve communication.

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  • Time Tracking

    Time Tracking

    Make work schedules on the fly, track time, and improve communication.

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  • Employee Time-Off Tracking

    Employee Time-Off Tracking

    Edit the schedule, update timesheets, and communicate with staff all from your phone.

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  • Shift Planning

    Shift Planning

    Share schedules from anywhere. Notify your team with changes via email, text, and push.

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  • Shift Swapping

    Shift Swapping

    Allow your team to swap shifts. No more calling down a list. Notify your team with open shifts when you need extra help.

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  • Time Clock

    Time Clock

    Allow your team to swap shifts. No more calling down a list. Notify your team with open shifts when you need extra help.

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Employee Scheduling App

Frequently Asked Questions

The best employee scheduling software like ZoomShift takes the drudgery out of creating staff schedules. It acts as a single source of truth for your organization where people can see the posted schedule, make or request changes to the schedule, and communicate with one another.
ZoomShift works best for hourly workforces that often have complex work scheduling needs such as varying shifts, multiple job roles, and multi-site locations. Seasonal workforces that fluctuate in size work well also since ZoomShift scales or shrinks easily as your company changes.
ZoomShift enhances your workforce management, team communication, helps you catch payroll mistakes, reduces human error, and acts as an all-in-one mobile scheduling solution so your team can stay connected anywhere. ZoomShift is affordable and helps you save on labor costs by streamlining your employee scheduling, time tracking and payroll tasks.
ZoomShift’s staff is highly knowledgeable and available via email and chat support. They also have a robust self-help section chock-full of popular support articles you can browse or search through at your leisure.
Shift scheduling templates make your business ultra-efficient by saving you precious time and effort each week. ZoomShift helps you quickly build out employee shift calendars that you can copy from week to week or months in advance. Everything is color-coded and straightforward to use on both desktop and mobile devices.
Yes, as a Manager you can add one or more shift notes for your employees while creating a shift with ZoomShift staff scheduling software. The Notes can be public or private. Public Notes will be visible to your employees to provide a variety of information, such as shift details or task instructions. Whereas any Private Notes will only be visible for reference by Manager level Team Members.
Yes, your employees get instant notifications for all shift updates on the ZoomShift mobile app. The app also allows them to easily view their schedule, pick up shifts, review Timesheets, and clock in and out for any shifts right from their phone. The ZoomShift employee scheduling app is available for both Android and iOS. Download ZoomShift on the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices.
There is no limit on the number of employees you can invite and schedule using ZoomShift. With ZoomShift you can set up a scheduling process to manage unlimited employees with unlimited locations and have multiple organizations too.
The ZoomShift employee scheduling software allows your team members to view their schedules instantly to help avoid confusion, no-shows and scheduling conflicts. With our easy-to-use scheduling tools, we assist with shift swaps and any available shifts that need coverage. This reduces valuable time spent on finding team members to cover last minute shifts. With the help of its time tracking tool, managers will also find it easy to forecast labor costs, as well as manage or prevent overtime expenses.
No, ZoomShift doesn't have an auto-scheduling functionality. You will have to schedule employees manually on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. However to save time you can use ZoomShift scheduling templates to schedule employees in minutes, not hours.
ZoomShift is rated star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating by our customers on Capterra.

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