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Employee Time Tracking Software
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No more costly time tracking errors.

Take the guesswork out of managing a detailed schedule.

  • Employee Scheduler

    Employee Scheduler

    The employee scheduling tool within ZoomShift acts as a single source of truth, so everyone knows who’s scheduled to work which days, times, and locations.

  • GPS Time Clock

    GPS Time Clock

    Employee time tracking software is more than meets the eye. It will log not only time punches, but staff location using GPS as well. The GPS feature is especially handy for companies that work in the field or companies with multiple locations.

  • Mobile App

    Mobile App

    Every modern workplace should have an employee time tracking app, so employees and managers are always on the same page. With ZoomShift, you can clock in and out and track breaks and overtime all in one convenient mobile app.

  • Time-off Tracker

    Time-off Tracker

    Time tracking hours worked is a given, but ZoomShift also tracks time off, including vacation time, paid time off (PTO), sick time, holiday, and jury duty

  • Shift Swaps

    Shift Swaps

    Tracking employee time is rarely straightforward. Between last-minute time-off requests, sick days, and shift swap requests, you can always count on something changing. Thankfully, ZoomShift lets employees swap shifts in its app in seconds.

  • Notifications


    Employee time tracking software like ZoomShift takes the guesswork out of managing a detailed schedule. Real-time notifications alert your staff via push, text, and email notifications, so they’re always aware of their shift obligations.

GPS time clock

ZoomShift’s GPS Time Clock tool saves you from costly employee time tracking errors. You set the rules so employees can only clock in at the right time and the right place. If they miss a shift or forget to clock in or out, you have the real-time visibility to make corrections in seconds.

If you have multiple locations or your staff works in the field, they can carry the power of ZoomShift with them. The free web app and mobile applications enable your team to clock in and out from anywhere in the world.

GPS Time Clock


Proper communication is the backbone of any thriving business. ZoomShift takes communication to another level with its smart notification system. Fight back against no shows and tardiness with automatic shift reminders. You get to choose from text message reminders, email reminders, or push notifications to remind the team when the schedule is published and when their shift is about to start.

If you’re tired of calling down a list to cover a shift, then ZoomShift’s got you covered there too. You can fire off pick up notifications to your entire staff in seconds.


Save Money & Time

Saving time and money with proper employee time tracking comes down to reducing errors and improving efficiencies. ZoomShift can help on both fronts. When it comes to reducing errors, ZoomShift reigns supreme thanks to its real-time employee timesheet view that shows you when someone missed their shift, forgot to clock in, or is nearing overtime.

ZoomShift also empowers your managers to easily compare hours worked alongside wages, so you get a better view of your labor costs. With that, you can easily compare your findings to daily revenue and efficiently staff your business.

Save Money and Time

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The simplicity of ZoomShift is why people love it so much. Once you’ve purchased ZoomShift and set everything up, your employees have multiple options for tracking their time. They can physically log into a kiosk or computer at your place of business, log in from the web app on their home computer, or log in from the ZoomShift app on their phone. Once logged in, they’ll see their shift details, along with the time and location, as well as the option to leave any notes before clicking Clock In.
Pick up ZoomShift on the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices.
ZoomShift fits the needs of any size business with its Starter, Premium, and Enterprise solutions. Prices vary based on desired features and how many active team members are using the software each month.

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5 Ways to Prevent Timesheet Errors

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No more costly time tracking errors.

Take the guesswork out of managing a detailed schedule.