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Effective Communication

Need to make a quick event announcement? Or share important shift swap information with the entire team? Chat has got you covered! You can now send messages privately as well as in groups or company-wide settings. And it’s not text-only — easily share important images and documents to keep operations smooth. You can even sprinkle a bit of GIFs here and there to keep things lively and fun. The best part? New employees get automatically added to Chat so there’s no need to send emails or notices around.

Effective Communication
Announcement for team

Send Announcements to your Team

Use group chat for broad announcements, ensuring more effective communication without getting into the hassle of phone calls, emails, or text messages. Our centralized platform allows for direct messaging to everyone, groups, or individuals, making it ideal for urgent updates or general news. Additionally, the message read status feature confirms that your most important messages are received and acknowledged by your team members. 

Privacy and Compliance

Our chat feature prioritizes privacy and compliance to maintain a professional and secure communication environment. When employees leave, they are automatically removed from chat threads, safeguarding internal communications. Plus, managers can lock chats or delete messages, enforcing professional standards and compliance with company policies. This instills confidence among team members, knowing that their communications are protected and professional.

Privacy and Compliance

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