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Work schedule app designed for hourly employees.

Download our free mobile app to make work schedules on the fly, track time, and improve communication.

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work schedule app
work schedule app

Stay in control on the go.

Edit the schedule, update timesheets, and communicate with staff all from your phone.

  • Reduce no shows

    Keep everyone in the loop with shift reminders and 24-7 access to their schedules.

  • Make adjustments quickly

    Share schedules from anywhere. Notify your team with changes via email, text, and push.

  • Handle shift trades with ease

    Allow your team to swap shifts. No more calling down a list. Notify your team with open shifts when you need extra help.

What our customers say

Track employee time.

Timesheet management can be a mess. Staying on budget. Knowing where and when employees are working. There's a lot riding on getting payroll right.

ZoomShift's work schedule app puts you in control of employee timesheets.

  • Employees clock-in from the free mobile (or web) time clocks.
  • Compare scheduled vs. actual costs and hours.
  • Edit timesheets and create payroll reports from anywhere.
time clock app
time sheet app

Improve team communication.

Reduce the back and forth and uncessary meetings. Put the schedule and company discussions in everyone's pocket.

  • Give team members easy access to their schedules, timesheets, and company discussions.
  • No more messy text threads. Create group chats or direct messages with team members.
  • Invite team members to set availability preferences, request time off, and pick up open shifts.
time clock app
mobile work schedule

Mobile Employee Scheduling
Apps Benefits

1. Enhance Team Communication

ZoomShift takes communication to the next level with its intricate and straightforward notification system. Quickly notify your team when the schedule’s published, shift cover requests pop up, or when time off requests are approved.

2. Promote Mobility

Deploying ZoomShift’s scheduling software means everyone has a single source of truth that provides 24/7 access to their work schedule. Each team member can easily clock in, clock out, manage breaks, and request time off on the go.

3. Manage Schedules

Schedule planning is a breeze with ZoomShift’s mobile app. You can automate scheduling tasks, edit timesheets on the fly, and compare actual to scheduled costs in real-time.

mobile app

Mobile Scheduling APP

Frequently Asked Questions

ZoomShift’s cloud-based app checks all the boxes you want in an employee scheduling app ranging from a simple time clock feature to managing time-off requests and tracking your upcoming schedule.
Download ZoomShift on the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Both apps are easy to navigate and jam-packed with useful features.
Yes! Clocking in for your shift, logging breaks, and clocking out are all possible from the mobile app. If you don’t see the option, your company may have it disabled or may only allow clocking time from specific locations.

Head over to the Settings tab on your mobile device, click Notification Preferences, and select either Email Notifications, Mobile App Push Notifications, Text Messages, or all three. You’ll get notified of time off request approvals, shift cover requests, discussion updates, and any shift changes.

Shift reminder notifications are also an option via Settings and Shift Notifications. You’ll also get notified when the shift schedule is published, unpublished, or changed.

When clocking in, you may encounter an invalid location error. To resolve the issue on the Android app, you’ll want to head into your phone’s settings and click on Apps and Notifications, then select ZoomShift. Once there, ensure location finding is allowed and head back into the ZoomShift app to ensure the issue is resolved.

On the iOS app, you’ll head over to the settings app on your phone and locate the ZoomShift app. Once there, select your location, and click While Using. Head back to the ZoomShift app and click Allow when ZoomShift prompts you, asking for permission to use your location. Try clocking in again to ensure it works.

Who Uses the ZoomShift Scheduling Mobile App?

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