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Ditch the leg work of shift swapping with instant notifications

No more calling down a list for cover

  • Reduce Employee Turnover

    Keep your employees happy by empowering them to swap shifts without you. No more waiting for approval or calling down a list. Just flexibility and trust.

  • Mobile App Easy to Use

    ZoomShift makes it easy to keep track of your schedule and swap shifts on the go.

  • Notifications

    Ditch the leg work of shift swapping with instant notifications. The moment a shift request goes out, every qualified team member capable of covering gets notified. A second notification out when the shift gets covered. It’s that easy.

  • Insert Notes with Requests

    Sometimes, a little context for shift swapping goes a long way. With ZoomShift, you always have the option to bring attention to special shift circumstances or the reason you need it covered in the first place.

  • Ensure enough staff at all times

    The advanced notification system will keep everyone in the know at all times, and managers have a birds-eye view over the shift schedule to see at a glance what shifts are covered and which aren’t.

  • Overhead Costs

    Labor cost forecasting and the ease of scheduling shifts month in advance means you can plan costs months ahead of time and make more informed decisions.

Save Time and Effort

With ZoomShift, shift swaps are managed in-app, which means no fumbling with clunky spreadsheets or calling down a list. You set the schedule, and your employees request changes. When requests pop up, or issues arise, you’re alerted, so nothing falls through the cracks. If notifications aren’t enough, the built-in schedule calendar provides full visibility to which employees have open shift requests, what shifts were picked up, and which ones were denied. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Employees can Swap Shifts in App

Shift trades in ZoomShift are a win-win for managers and employees alike. Employees benefit from the autonomy of covering their own shifts when the needs arise. Feeling sick? Last-minute errand pop up? No sweat. There’s no need to run to your manager or call down some endless list. All you do is pop open ZoomShift on the web app or mobile app, select the shift, add in a note, and offer it up to anyone or specific team members. In no time, you’ll have shift swap offers rolling in to accept or deny, and all the changes are logged for you on the schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From the Home or Schedule screen, click on the shift needing coverage and click Create Shift Cover Request. From there, you’ll see a pop-up box prompting you to enter any pertinent notes and a couple of options around offering it to everyone or specific team members. Click Create at the bottom when you’re done. Everyone specified in your request gets a notification, and as soon as someone picks up your shift in the app, you’ll get notified of the successful transfer.
On the backend, management has a couple of settings they can toggle to customize ZoomShift’s shift swapping experience to suit their needs. One is enabling shift cover requests so that staff can generate the shift swap from their end. The other is whether manager approval is required or not. The rest is on autopilot.
ZoomShift’s shift swapping software makes shift trading easy by including it in all the pricing packages, including our Starter, Premium, and Enterprise solutions. The exact pricing will vary based on which package you choose and how many active employees are using the program monthly.

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ZoomShift is rated star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating by our customers on Capterra.

Ditch the leg work of shift swapping with instant notifications

No more calling down a list for cover