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Track your employee's time and attendance with ease. Calculate work hours and run payroll in minutes.

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Track hours and edit timesheets from anywhere.

  • Track time easily

    Our employee timesheet app uses GPS tracking to ensure that anytime an employee clocks in, they’re actually at work. No need to worry about employees clocking in from the beach.

  • No expensive hardware

    Take your pick of our mobile or web employee timesheet app or use them both in tandem. Give your employees the flexibility they need and edit schedules right from your phone.

  • Automatic clock in reminders

    Use our employee timesheet software to send out reminders before each shift via text, push notification, or email. Get notified when employees don’t clock in.

Why our customers love ZoomShift's timesheet app

Run payroll faster.

Tracking timesheets with Excel is tedious. Hunting down team members to submit hours. Overpaying employees.

ZoomShift's timesheet app makes it easy to track time and export to payroll.

  • Automatically calculate wage and hour totals.
  • Export timesheets and send to your payroll provider.
  • View timesheets by day, week, and month.
Name Date Time Wages Duration Position
Ben Rector
May 24 9am - 4pm $14.00 7.00 hrs Manager
Jon Mclaughlin
May 24 10am - 2pm $8.00 4.00 hrs Server
Jackie Keen
May 24 10am - 2pm $8.00 4.00 hrs Server
Grace Bahr
May 24 10am - 2pm $8.00 4.00 hrs Host
Dave Barnes
May 24 2pm - 8pm $8.00 4.00 hrs Host
Totals $194.00 19.00 hrs

Prevent timesheet errors.

It's hard to know if you are overspending on payroll. Without the schedule, you're not able to see how to forecast better.

With ZoomShift, you can compare scheduled and actual hours to find errors.

  • See late or missed shifts easily.
  • Adjust missed or late punches.
  • Visually scan and approve timesheets in bulk.
Name Scheduled Actual Status
John Elias
9am - 4pm ---
Missed Shift
Jeff Erickson
9am - 2pm 9am - ?
Missed Clock Out
John Meyer
10am - 4pm 9:30am - 2pm
Early Clock In
Sarah Marks
11am - 2pm ? - 2pm
Missed Clock In
Josh Harper
--- 9am - 2pm
Not Scheduled

Give your team a break

ZoomShift makes it easy to set break times during active shifts.

Let your employees take multiple breaks when they choose, and they’ll be automatically added together for easy tracking. Or keep things traditional and let managers set fixed break times for each shift.

  • View, edit, add and delete breaks for your employees.
  • Breaks can be paid or unpaid based on your attendance policy.
  • Get accurate break time calculated into timesheet totals and wages.
breaks in timesheet app

Timesheet App Benefits

1. Stay on Top of Labor Costs

Avoid expensive timesheet errors with automatic shift reminders and a simple dashboard view of what employees missed a shift or forgot to clock in. The timesheet app in ZoomShift provides full visibility of labor costs for the day so you can make informed decisions on the go.

2. Maintain Timesheet Records For Compliance

Timesheet automation can put compliance on autopilot. At a glance, ZoomShift will show you if your staff is working through state or federally required breaks or meal time. It also provides a bird’s eye view of total hours worked so you can ensure employees get paid for any overtime hours worked.

3. Track Breaks & Overtime

ZoomShift timesheet software makes it easy for your staff to clock out for scheduled breaks on both the web and mobile apps. The digital timesheet also calculates wages, hours worked, and any overtime so you can focus on more important matters.

timesheet app

Timesheet Mobile App

An employee timesheet app isn’t complete unless employees and managers can both take it on-the-go. Employees have the luxury of clocking in and out from the app, seeing their full schedule, requesting shift changes, messaging teammates or managers, and picking up open shifts.

Managers have the power to edit timesheets, generate payroll reports, and quickly compare scheduled vs. actual hours and costs. The mobile app makes it easy to get shift reminders, clock in reminders, and open shift availabilities via push, text, and email notification, which means fewer no-shows and fewer timesheet errors.

Pick up the ZoomShift mobile app on the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An employee timesheet, or time card, records both clock ins and clock outs for non-exempt, or hourly, employees. Timesheets are the easiest way to keep track of the number of hours your employees work so you can ensure they get paid accurately for the time working.

Timesheets are also leveraged by university students or research teams to track hours spent on specific projects or tasks.

The power of an online timesheet is the ability to access it from anywhere. It frees you from the age-old burden of being physically present to clock in or out and enables your company to go paperless. Employees have a single source of truth with an online timesheet like ZoomShift. They can clock in or clock out remotely if their work allows it, and employers can trust the accuracy of the timesheet since it’s all tracked digitally.
Many businesses spend hours upon hours each week on payroll. The larger the team, the longer you’ll likely spend on processing payroll. With software like ZoomShift, you can cut that time down to minutes thanks to its built-in automation tools. ZoomShift does the heavy lifting of calculating hours worked, break time, overtime, and comparing it to their wages, so all you have to do is review the data for accuracy.
ZoomShift makes it clear on the timesheet app when someone’s missed a shift or clocked in early or late, and you have the power to easily adjust the timesheet on the fly.
Yes! You’ll have supreme confidence that your employees are clocked in at the correct location thanks to ZoomShift's GPS time clock integration.
You bet! ZoomShift makes it easy to keep track of employee timesheets and hours automatically via punch-ins or manually in case an employee forgets to clock in. Check out our support documentation for more info.
Yes. With ZoomShift, you can create and manage multiple locations all from one, unified dashboard. You can use the ZoomShift mobile app’s GPS time clock features to make sure employees are always clocking in at the right location — a particularly handy feature if you have employees that have to visit clients in various locations. If you want to give your employees some more privacy, you can easily disable the GPS and let them clock in using ZoomShift’s web or mobile app’s traditional time clock instead.
Yes. You can use ZoomShift’s employee timesheet software to export payroll information as a CSV for easy use with other Payroll software.
ZoomShift’s employee timesheet app lets businesses track employee hours with their Time Kiosk at job sites instead of with mobile or web apps. Simply enable the Kiosk Time Clock feature in the app and set it up at your kiosk. After that, employees will be able to clock in and out using their email or a unique PIN.

Who Uses ZoomShift for Timesheets?

ZoomShift provides everything you need to manage your team’s timesheets from a phone or tablet. Here are just a few industries that find ZoomShift’s employee timesheets useful:

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