ZoomShift just keeps getting better.

Here are the very latest features and updates.

New in ZoomShift: What We've Been Working On

Hi friends!

Ben and I have been busy the last few months making updates to ZoomShift behind the scenes. We are working on performance improvements and updates to the platform that will help us iterate faster on your feature reqeusts.

Every decision we make is influenced by your requests and feedback. Our goal is to refine every aspect of ZoomShift to help you do your job quickly.

We started using software to track and prioritize your requests. Every time you tell us something, we log, prioritize and discuss it.


Thank you for choosing ZoomShift. We do not take you for granted. Ben and I are committed to making your lives easier. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you!

-Jon and Ben

New in ZoomShift: Payroll report gets simplified and more filtering options added.

With the release of the new reporting section we also made some changes to the payroll report.

First, the payroll report got moved from the attendance section into the new reports section. This allowed us to easily add more filtering and view options. You will notice that you can now filter by position/location as well as view a more detailed version of the report!


Second, we removed the concept of pay periods. You can now run the payroll report for any date range, and you don’t need to create a pay period before viewing the report. We believe this simplifies the process and makes it more flexible for many of you.

We hope that you like the changes! If you have any questions just drop us a line at support@zoomshift.com.

New in ZoomShift: Reports section for easy exporting and analyzing.

We just added a completely new reporting section to ZoomShift. The reports section allows you to view and export all of your data. You can use reports to create print outs, query your data to answer specific questions, or export in CSV format so you can analyze it elsewhere.


We added this section because many of you had been asking for more exporting and data analysis options. A recurring theme was clear - you wanted to dig deeper into your ZoomShift data. We hope that this new reporting section gives you the power to do just that!

New in ZoomShift: Pay periods can be locked to prevent editing.

Once you have completed a pay period it feels nice to be able to close it out. This is why we added the ability to lock pay periods. When a pay period is locked no timesheets can be created, edited, or deleted from that time period. This is a great way to make sure your historical timesheet data stays intact!

announcement locked pay periods 1

You can easily lock or unlock a pay period by clicking the Edit Pay Period button. You will then see an option locking the pay period.

announcement locked pay periods 2

We hope you like this feature! If you have any feedback just send us a message.

New in ZoomShift: Supervisors can create time offs even when they are blocked.

The ability to block time offs on specific dates is a feature that’s used by many ZoomShift customers. (You can block time offs through the events add-on.) However, up until now supervisors could not override time offs during blocked dates. Now they can!

supervisors blocked time offs 1

This makes it easier for supervisors to prevent employees from adding time offs while still having the power to make adjustments as needed. We hope you like this change! As always, if you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you.

New in ZoomShift: You can now hide employees on the schedule.

This feature has made it into ZoomShift as a result of many requests. Managers have been asking us if they can remove themselves from the schedule. While they are the ones to build the schedule they do not actually schedule themseleves. Having their name show up on the schedule doesn’t feel right. This also makes sense for any other users (accountants, business owners, etc.) that want access to ZoomShift but don’t need to be on the schedule.

hide employees 1

When editing an employee you can toggle whether they show on the schedule/timesheets or not. This is a pretty simple addition, but we hope it makes scheduling just a bit easier for you.

If you have any suggestions let us know!

New in ZoomShift: Added a full calendar to view all the shifts you can pick up.

Being able to easily pick up shifts is one of the best parts about ZoomShift for employees. Forget having to call your manager, just open the ZoomShift app and tap a few times. In an effort to make this even easier we added a new view to the web app for seeing all shifts you can pickup a month at a time.

shifts i can pick up 1

This will make it easier for employees to look into the future (past the next 2 weeks) to see shifts that are up for grabs. We hope this helps out.

Happy scheduling!

New in ZoomShift: Announcement timeline added.

We added this timeline! We’ve been getting the question “what’s new in ZoomShift” more and more. Instead of answering this question individually we want to document all the changes we make publicly. All changes, big and small, will be posted here.

If you have any feedback for us don’t be shy. Have a great day!