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Shift swapping policy

Creating an Effective Shift Swapping Policy

Your employees want to swap shifts. If they must go to you for approval every time, you become th...

Managing employees

Managing Employees Is Easier with These 5 Guidelines

Management is a challenge. But if you create and follow a few simple guidelines, it makes your li...

Fire someone right way

How to Fire Someone the Right Way

Are you getting ready to fire someone? Even though it's rarely easy, sometimes it must be done. B...

Restaurants labor budget

How Restaurants Can Set and Stick to a Labor Budget

Budgeting for labor is difficult. But when you know exactly how much it costs and can plan for it...

Time off requests

How To Handle Employee Time Off Requests

Your employees need to take time off, but how you handle their requests can make a big difference...

Team building activities

5 Five Minute Team Building Activities

Your team is one of your business' greatest assets, and it's important to keep them engaged. Have...

No show no call

No Show, No Call: What To Do When Employees Don’t Show Up For Work

What do you do when your employees don't show up to work? How do you handle no show, no call?


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Finding employees online

A Simple Six-Step Process for Finding Employees Online

Here's how to identify the best places to find employees online for your unique business using si...

Zoomshift featured on picksaas

ZoomShift Featured on Picksaas.com

Picksaas.com helps you discover apps that will grow your business. We are excited to be a feature...

5 minutes with tim sackett  3

Your Excel Weekly Employee Schedule Template Has to Go

Having an employee schedule template is not a bad idea. Using Excel for the template is. Here's w...

5 minutes with tim sackett  2

10 Quotes About Time That Will Make You Rethink Your Routine

Stress less, and achieve more. Here are 10 quotes about time that will make you rethink your rout...

Performance review process

6 Signs Your Performance Review Process Isn’t Working

If your employees just aren’t performing, then you should take a look at your performance review ...

Kanbanize improving employee productivity

4 Simple Tips on How to Improve Hourly Employees Productivity

Boost your team's productivity by single-tasking, cutting wasteful meetings, encouraging proactiv...

5 minutes with tim sackett

Tim Sackett Interview: 5 Minutes About Hourly Employees

We got five minutes to interview recruiting expert, Tim Sackett, about his thoughts on how to fin...

How to improve employee engagement hacks

3 Hacks To Improve Employee Engagement

Learn the straightforward approach to improving employee engagement at your organization.

What millennials are looking for in a job

What Millennials Are Really Looking For in a Job

What are millennials really looking for in a job? We explore the seven most important components.

Employee appreciation ideas

51 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Employee appreciation days (the first Friday in March) are important. Here are some inexpensive w...