Business Agility

What Is Business Agility?

Business agility refers to a company or organization’s ability to adapt to new situations and quickly change to meet the needs of an evolving market. In other words, it refers to the characteristic of being agile: just like an acrobat who is light on their feet, an agile business is able to change positions with grace and balance their way across treacherous terrain, like tightropes and balancing beams.

Typically, agile businesses are not as siloed as other organizations, and they are composed of teams with greater autonomy than teams in non-agile businesses.

Benefits of Business Agility

An agile business is generally better equipped to navigate and adapt to new and unique situations. The reality of the world’s markets is that they are unpredictable and volatile. Sometimes, businesses must change direction at the drop of a hat if they want to stay viable.

Whether it’s a change in consumer behavior, a worldwide economic collapse, or a local natural disaster, business agility helps organizations shift gears quickly so that they can stay competitive in the new market.

Examples of Business Agility

Examples of business agility include:

  • Introducing new products or shifting focus. For example, adding vegan options after an uptick in demand for vegan food.
  • Ramping up production to meet demand.
  • Integrating new technology to keep up with consumer expectations.
  • Changing a marketing strategy after a cultural shift has made the previous strategy irrelevant or distasteful.


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