Office Pride Case Study: The Two C’s of ZoomShift

At ZoomShift, we have a simple goal—providing a cost-effective scheduling tool with excellent customer service.

The story of Office Pride’s owner, Damaris Coles, is a perfect example of how ZoomShift achieves this.

Office Pride is a cleaning service that provides top-notch cleaning services in San Antonio. They offer routine janitorial tasks, as well as special services like window and carpet cleaning.

We interviewed Damaris to learn why she finally settled on ZoomShift after trying out multiple scheduling tools. Read on to discover her answer.

Why Office Pride Decided to Ditch Its Old Scheduling Software

Initially, Damaris relied on QuickBooks Time for her scheduling needs due to its compatibility with her payroll tool.

But QuickBooks Time proved insufficient in four critical areas:

  1. Lack of GPS geofencing—Damaris wanted a tool that could track the location of her employees and prevent them from clocking in if they were not at the client’s location. QuickBooks Time lacked this important feature.
  2. High cost: Damaris thought QuickBook’s price was “astronomical for a small business.” She needed a scheduling tool that did not eat out her profit.
  3. Extra charges for schedule edits: QuickBooks charged extra for giving team members access to edit schedules, requiring Damaris to handle every change herself. As the company’s owner, this prevented her from focusing on more meaningful tasks. She thought QuickBooks was “greedy” for charging extra for this basic feature.
  4. Subpar customer service: Since QuickBooks is mainly an accounting tool, their customer service wasn’t very knowledgeable about scheduling features. This prevented them from helping out Damaris when she ran into problems.

Damaris also experimented with two other scheduling tools (including Netchex) before discovering ZoomShift. Each time, the transition led to chaos in the company, with team members being unable to adjust to the new system. That’s when ZoomShift entered the scene.

Why Office Pride Finally Settled on Zoomshift

We asked Damaris what was different when she first tried ZoomShift. She gave us two reasons:

  1. Seamless onboarding: The ease of transition to ZoomShift was a significant selling point for Damaris. She loved it so much that she wants us to use this feature in our marketing materials. With ZoomShift, Damaris could easily send invitations to her team members, and even the least technical person on the team had no trouble onboarding with the tool.
  2. Geofencing and multi-location clock-in: ZoomShift allowed Office Pride to set different locations and geofence them, preventing employees from clocking in outside the client’s location. As you can imagine, this is a critical feature for a cleaning company.

While these two features sold ZoomShift to Damaris initially, they weren’t the only ones that kept her hooked. Let’s check out why ZoomShift ended her experimentation with scheduling tools.

Why Office Pride Loves ZoomShift

So, what keeps Damaris from trying out yet another scheduling tool?

Reason 1: Cost-Effectiveness

ZoomShift offers a more budget-friendly solution compared to QuickBooks. Here’s a quick comparison:

  • ZoomShift: At just $4/user/month, you unlock all ZoomShift features, including the geofence time clock, personalized onboarding, custom employee training videos, and priority support.
  • QuickBooks Time: The cheapest package costs $20/month plus $8 per user per month.

The difference is clear.

Reason 2: Excellent Customer Service

When Damaris encountered an issue setting up ZoomShift, our customer support was quick to respond and even created a customized video to troubleshoot the problem. Damaris was impressed with this level of service.

Reason 3: Included Basic Functionalities

Unlike QuickBooks, which charged extra for schedule editing permissions, ZoomShift included this functionality out of the box. This allowed Damaris to delegate schedule management to her assistant and supervisor without additional costs.

Reason 4: Employee Availability Features

ZoomShift streamlined the process of collecting employee availability, which Damaris previously handled through Google Docs. With ZoomShift, employees could directly input their availabilities into the software, saving hours of manual work and reducing errors.

Try ZoomShift to Experience the Two C’s Today

For Office Pride, ZoomShift provided a cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly solution.

Damaris and her team now enjoy seamless scheduling, precise timekeeping, and exceptional customer support, allowing them to focus on what they do best—providing top-tier cleaning services.

Want to be like Damaris and experience the benefits of ZoomShift? Book a demo to see how we make scheduling instantly easier.

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