Split Shifts: The Ultimate Guide for Restaurant Scheduling

The infamous 9-5 shift dominates the American work shift schedule and has for decades. Yet, more and more companies are expanding their arsenal to include flex work schedules and even split shifts. Flexibility in your schedule often improves work-life balance, which tends to increase productivity, happiness, and overall engagement. It also helps to lower absenteeism […]

Everything You Need to Know About a 9/80 Work Schedule

The best work schedules find a balance between getting things done and giving employees the most time off. This in turn maximizes customer satisfaction and work-life balance, which creates greater engagement, productivity, and loyalty, to name a few benefits. The call for work-life balance is greater than ever. Employees want the flexibility to run errands, […]

How A Rotating Shift Schedule Can Double Productivity in 2021

If your doors are open sixteen, eighteen, or even twenty-four hours in a day, then you probably struggle from time to time with your staff scheduling. Finding workers willing to work late night hours for extended periods of time is a constant battle. People want to be at home with their families. They want a […]

How to Handle Shift Trades with Ease

Last-minute schedule changes are stressful for everyone. The employee feels bad for missing a shift or asking for a change at the eleventh hour. The manager has to scramble to call down a list of employees to find someone to replace them. And there’s little to no guarantee someone will step up to take the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Self Scheduling

While the gig economy has always been around in one form or another, it has snowballed in recent years, as people increasingly rely on apps to order instant products and services. More and more people are doing shift work, across numerous different roles. In fact, 57.3 million people currently freelance in the US – a […]

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Availability Forms (with Free Template)

Employee availability forms are a vital asset for any business that employs shift workers. Businesses should ensure that their forms have a clear, concise format, and that they have a system in place to ensure that the information communicated by such forms is always available when needed. If a business that employs shift workers fails […]

Paid Time Off: What Is It and How Do You Calculate PTO?

Taking pride in your work is rarely a bad thing. In fact, a little extra dedication will improve your client’s experience and likely your bottom line as well. But what happens when we work too hard? What happens when we don’t use our time-off benefits? It turns out that not taking time off is detrimental […]

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