At a glance, employee time tracking is a straightforward concept. Employees either clock-in and clock-out, or they track their hours on a timesheet. Each week or every other week, they hand in said timesheet and management cuts a check for their hours. What could possibly go wrong? For starters, we’re all human. Human mistakes range […]

5 Ways to Prevent Timesheet Errors
How to Use ZoomShift’s Mobile App to Improve Team Communication

There’s no two ways about it: traditional shift scheduling methods, like physical calendars, charts, and even spreadsheets, are simply outdated. Not only is manual scheduling inefficient and error-prone, but the issues that come with it can harm the employee experience, increasing employee turnover rates and wasting managerial resources on recurrent training. Employees in 2020 expect […]

How To Use ZoomShift’s GPS Time Clock To Increase Employee Accountability

People are naturally motivated to fulfill their duties, and it’s important to empower employees to be accountable for their work. Cultivating too much of a top-down approach can be counterproductive – instead of encouraging feelings of trust or freedom, it likely makes the employee feel micromanaged. The right kind of accountability in the workplace means […]

How To Use ZoomShift’s Templates To Schedule Faster

Running payroll and setting staff schedules are vital components of any successful business. Completing these tasks used to mean spending hours upon hours tucked away from the world, navigating complex spreadsheets. Now, thanks to software like ZoomShift, you can leverage the power of automation through scheduling templates that streamline the entire process. Creating advanced workflows, […]

Best Practices on How to Handle Scheduling Conflicts

Scheduling conflicts can be incredibly frustrating, but they’re largely inevitable when you work in an organization made up of humans – errors are simply going to happen. Reliable employees can still make administrative mistakes, and even with the help of automated scheduling apps, there’s still a lot to keep track of: clients sometimes reschedule at […]

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