Perks and benefits are important, especially to the newer generations of workers. In fact, most people say that benefits and perks are a big factor in considering whether to accept a job offer. 80% of employees would even choose additional benefits over a pay raise. These days people want to have a work-life balance, and […]

9 Great Work Perks To Motivate Your Employees in 2020
How Managers Can Improve Team Accountability in 2020

Improving team accountability in 2020 begins and ends with leadership. Retired Navy Seal commander and best-selling author, Jocko Willink, believes that “there are no bad teams, only bad leaders.” His co-author, Leif Babin, emphasizes that good leaders make good teams, and that’s what leaders have to embrace and make happen. Great leaders improve accountability by […]

10 Ways to Increase Employee Development in the Workplace

People work primarily in exchange for money, but it’s far from the only reason people work. We also work because it feels good to be useful – we derive a lot of our identity and self-importance from what we do, and subsequently, who we help. Too often, if an employee is feeling unrecognized or is […]

7 Ways to Improve Group Cohesion and Achieve Goals Faster

As humans, we’re wired to want more. We want to be more, earn more, and achieve more. An equally strong desire is fitting in, feeling like we belong to a group, or as Seth Godin calls it, a tribe. These innate feelings bring us together and allow us to achieve great things. When they’re out […]

How to Write Up an Employee (With Templates)

While it’s not necessarily the most enjoyable part of any manager’s role, becoming adept at writing up employees is key to people management success. As a manager or business owner, it’s vital that your employees respect workplace rules and regulations, as well as your enforcement of these guidelines. Failing to consistently write up employees when […]

20 Memorable Work Anniversary Ideas in 2020

Celebrations at work are always fun – whatever the occasion. Who doesn’t enjoy a free slice of cake on a Tuesday, or office beers on Friday afternoons? But when it comes to work anniversaries, there are many more reasons to celebrate than simple enjoyment. If someone has worked for you for one, five, or ten […]

How to Deal with Employee Absenteeism

In 2019, the employee absence rate across the US stood at an average of 2.8% on any given day. While many of these workers will have a good reason for staying away from work – such as illness or emergency – much of this figure will comprise employee absenteeism. So what is employee absenteeism, and […]

10 People Management Skills Every Great Manager Has

Success as a people manager largely depends on soft skills. These skills are a cluster of behaviors and personality traits you use to navigate your day-to-day responsibilities. Soft skills – unlike hard skills – are difficult to prove or measure. They typically lack a defined path for learning, making them more challenging to attain. They […]

How to Start an Employee of the Month Program

According to a recent report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee separation is at an extraordinarily high level. There are many reasons people leave their job, ranging from economic downturns to relocation. But another major reason is dissatisfaction. Being unhappy with your job can stem from feeling underpaid, overworked, and perhaps even undervalued. […]

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