The Ultimate Guide to Bereavement Leave for SMBs

In the United States, small businesses alone employ nearly sixty million people. That’s roughly the size of Italy. Needless to say, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of our economy and represent nearly a quarter of the country’s workforce. The CDC also reports that an average of nearly 8,000 people die every day […]

6 Actionable Tips to Boost Job Satisfaction for Your Team

Nobody wants to work a boring 8-5 job where your employers don’t care about you. But we all want a sense of fulfillment from our jobs. So what does it mean to be satisfied with your job? The business definition is simply the extent to which an employee feels content with their work duties and […]

9 Great Work Perks To Motivate Your Employees in 2021

Perks and benefits are important, especially to the newer generations of workers. In fact, most people say that benefits and perks are a big factor in considering whether to accept a job offer. 80% of employees would even choose additional benefits over a pay raise. These days people want to have a work-life balance, and […]

The New Employee Onboarding Checklist For 2021

Onboarding new employees brings many challenges, especially after 2020. We have created the ultimate new employee onboarding checklist to keep you in check for 2021. New Hire Checklist Interviews are over, you’ve made an offer, and they’ve accepted it. Now it’s time to get all the behind the scenes details sorted out before they start. […]

Job Abandonment: Definition, Policies and How to Handle It

Dealing with job abandonment is an unfortunate reality for many managers. As hard as you try to pick responsible candidates during your hiring process, there’s always the chance that you’ll end up bringing someone on board who decides one day that they’re going to play hookey and never returns. If you’re a manager, it’s important […]

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