Free Timesheet Templates — Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Timesheets are a useful way businesses can record the amount of time their team is spending working while tracking time spent on particular projects or activities.

And while this can be done manually on a piece of paper, there are more efficient ways. A pre-designed spreadsheet can save both employees and managers a great deal of time and improve accuracy in the process.

With that in mind, we’ve developed some simple timesheet templates you can use for FREE:

Simple timesheet templates — downloadable

Download, fill, and print these hourly, daily, weekly and monthly timesheets:

1. Hourly timesheet template

Track the hours your team has worked on a daily basis with this simple hourly timesheet template. You can download it as a PDF or Excel document, share and complete it in Google Sheets – there are many ways for you to get started!

2. Daily timesheet template

Imagine if your team could get an accurate breakdown of how much time they had spent on a project every day. Use a daily timesheet template to track the hours your team has worked on a daily basis.

3. Weekly timesheet template

A weekly timesheet template is a great way to make sure that you’re tracking the hours your team has worked on a weekly basis. Your team’s work will be tracked with a template that you can download, share, and complete in Google Sheets.

4. Monthly timesheet template

A monthly timesheet template can be used to track the hours your team has worked on a monthly basis. As with all of the other templates, you can download it as a PDF or Excel document, share it, and complete it in Google Sheets. Or, complete it by hand and print it off to share with the whole team.

ZoomShift as a modern solution for timesheet management

While using a downloadable timesheet template for free is a good idea, a better solution is using an online timesheet management tool that makes the entire time-tracking process more efficient. With everything from employee scheduling, time-tracking, shift planning, and even workforce budgeting all in one place, you’ll save time you could be spending on more important tasks.

With ZoomShift, your entire team gets access to their work schedules and can track their time themselves, request to swap shifts, ask for days off, and offer to work overtime. Meanwhile, managers can plan working days, weeks, and months so that all shifts are adequately covered, there are no duplications, oversee staffing costs, and even link with payroll.

ZoomShifts gives all relevant parties notifications of shift changes, and teams also have the option of communicating with one another to discuss shifts or any other work-related business.

Benefits of using ZoomShift for your business

ZoomShift is the one-stop shop for managers needing to budget for and manage their teamwork schedules, saving time, reducing shift overlaps or gaps, and unnecessary costs. 

Its main benefits are that it: 

  • Enables communications
  • Is visual and easy to use
  • Enables quick and easy shift-swapping
  • Integrates with payroll
  • Enables managers to budget and plan
  • Saves businesses unnecessary costs

Key Takeaways

Any business knows that tracking team shifts can be a time-consuming task, and downloadable timesheet templates can help both teams and managers keep it simple. 

That said, online tools like ZoomShift can take time-tracking efficiency to the next level, reducing excess time, unnecessary costs, and human error which can take their toll on a company’s bottom line.

JD Spinoza

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