Union Search Statistics In The United States

Union Search Statistics

The current union boom in the US has led to many Americans researching the topic more and more. We have seen 250 Starbucks locations filing petitions to join the newly formed union, Amazon warehouses initiating union votes, and Google Fiber installers coming together to join the Alphabet Workers Union

We used Google Trends Search Data from the past 12 months along with Glimpse to determine how many people are searching for “join union.” While there is a small decrease in the United States, many states saw a very large increase in residents searching for “join union.

We also found that the UK is seeing a boom in interest with an increase of 91% in the past month. Australia has also seen an increase of 42%.

Top 5 States Most Interested In Unions

1. Oregon 126%
2. Kansas 124%
3. Iowa 115%
4. New Jersey 96%
5. Alabama 57%

Bottom 5 States Least Interested In Unions

1. Idaho -100%
2. Rhode Island -100%
3. Louisiana -91%
4. West Virginia -79%
5. Minnesota -75%

Global Interest in Unions

1. United States -4%
2. UK 91%
3. Australia 42%
4. Canada 4%
5. Worldwide 10%

Union Search Statistics In The United States

States Interest Level in the Past Month For “Join Union”

Alabama 57%
Alaska no enough data
Arizona -13%
Arkansas -75%
California 22%
Colorado 6%
Connecticut -22%
Delaware no enough data
Florida -38%
Georgia -44%
Hawaii no enough data
Idaho -100%
Illinois 15%
Indiana -30%
Iowa 115%
Kansas 124%
Kentucky -9%
Louisiana -91%
Maine no enough data
Maryland -30%
Massachusetts -51%
Michigan -12%
Minnesota -75%
Mississippi 11%
Missouri 45%
Montana no enough data
Nebraska 2%
Nevada -60%
New Hampshire 3%
New Jersey 96%
New Mexico 4%
New York 2%
North Carolina 3%
North Dakota no enough data
Ohio 7%
Oklahoma -9%
Oregon 126%
Pennsylvania 34%
Rhode Island -100%
South Carolina -64%
South Dakota not enough data
Tennessee 25%
Texas 38%
Utah 30%
Vermont no enough data
Virginia -15%
Washington 7%
West Virginia -79%
Wisconsin -10%
Wyoming no enough data


We Google Trends to look at the past months of search data. We used Glimpse to measure percentage change since last month. We then mapped that data using Google Sheets.

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