Ditch Excel, There’s A Better Way To Schedule Your Employees

ZoomShift uses online scheduling to reduce the time you spend making staff schedules and communicating with your staff about it.

Make Schedules Faster

Make schedules in minutes from anywhere with our simple online work schedule maker. Copy schedules from any time period or setup templates for even faster scheduling.

Organize Staff Availability

With ZoomShift, all your staff availability is accessible in one place. End the calls and invite your employees to manage their availability preferences and time off requests.

Automate Shift Swaps

Spend less time trying to fill shifts. Let ZoomShift notify your staff when a shift is offered up and help you find a suitable replacement.

Know Exactly What's Going On

Get notified about shift swaps and availability changes. Notify your staff when a schedule is posted with one-click.

Streamline Communication

Communicate with your staff easily by sending mass emails and text messages directly from ZoomShift. Keep everyone in the loop about upcoming events, meetings, and priorities.

Schedule By The Numbers

Plan your payroll expenses and track overtime on the fly. Make adjustments, and see reports update in real-time.

Sleep Better

Track how often your employees are requesting time off, swapping shifts, and logging in to see their schedule.

Every Format You Need

Print, export or download your schedules easily. Sync with iCal, Google and Microsoft Outlook calendars. See upcoming shifts alongside personal responsibilities.

Tyler Stubbe

No more scheduling nightmares. ZoomShift saves me time, money, and stress by simplifying the scheduling process. I love how quickly and easily I can make schedules now!

Tyler Stubbe, Murfie.com

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