Ditch Excel, there’s a better way to schedule.

Use ZoomShift to reduce the time you spend making schedules and communicating with your staff.

Create the Perfect Schedule

Easily see time off requests and employee availability in one place. Say goodbye to calls, texts and paper.

Stay Within Budget

Stop worrying about overtime and schedule conflicts. ZoomShift gives you real-time metrics while creating your schedule.

Publish & Notify Everyone

With one-click you can publish your schedule and send notifications to your employees.

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Download the free ZoomShift app to see your schedule from anywhere.

The ZoomShift app gives you real-time access to your schedule on your iOS or Android device. Easily see when you work, request time off, trade shifts, and much more.

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Everything you need in one spot.

Keep track of everything related to scheduling in one place from anywhere at anytime. Your employees will love the convenience of using ZoomShift, and you will love the time you will save.

Quickly Approve or Deny

Managers have better things to do than keep track of employee requests. ZoomShift makes it easy to see all pending requests and approve or deny them.

Time Offs on the Schedule

See which employees have requested time off right on the schedule. Stop juggling time off requests in your head as you try to piece together the schedule.

Spot Shift Conflicts

Feel confident when creating the schedule that you haven't made any errors. ZoomShift watches for shift and availability conflicts and will display warnings the moment an error is created.

Watch Labor Costs

Making sure the schedule stays within budget and preventing overtime has never been easier. Labor costs are updated on-the-fly as shifts are added, and employees that are scheduled into overtime are instantly highlighted.

Copy Schedules or Create Templates

Why rebuild the schedule each week from scratch? Save your perfect schedule as a template for future weeks, or roll a previous week's schedule forward.

Slice & Dice Your Schedule

View the schedule an unlimited amount of ways by changing filters and flipping sorting options. With options to filter on employees, positions, and locations you can make the schedule look just how you like it.

Placeholder or Open Shifts

Know you need someone to work, but don't know who to assign the shift to? Create open shifts that aren't assigned to employees. Your employees can then come and pick these shifts up once they are published.

Swap and Trade Shifts

Give your employees the freedom to swap and trade shifts without losing control of the schedule. Managers can approve or deny shift swaps, and employees can get shifts covered with just a few clicks.

Push Notifications, Email, and Text Messages

Never miss a beat when it comes to the schedule. Choose which events you want to get notified about and how you would like to be notified.

Google and iCal Calendar Sync

Got a few schedules? Don't worry, we understand. Sync your ZoomShift schedule with your Google or iCal calendar so that you can see your shifts next to everything else happening in your life.

Printer Friendly

Still want to post your schedule on paper? No problem. ZoomShift looks just as good on paper as it does on your screen. You can also export your schedules and reports in PDF or CSV formats.

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