5 Five Minute Team Building Activities

There’s a good chance you already know how important it is to engage your employees.

Otherwise, why would you be looking for 5 minute team building activities you can do at your restaurant or place of business?

When it comes to team building, a little can go a long way. And if your employees come to know your company as a fun place to work, they’re more likely to stick around. You’ll build a positive word of mouth reputation as an employer, too.

So, here are several five-minute team building activities you can do to keep things exciting at work.

Building A Tower

Give each of your team members a piece of paper. You could also split your team into groups of two if you prefer.

Then, give each participant a piece of paper. Their goal is to build the highest structure possible in five minutes.

This is a planning exercise as much as anything else. Participants must determine how to create the tallest tower in the limited time they are given. Some will fail. Some will run out of time. Others will come up with an idea but not execute well.

Each team member can learn from how others approached this problem. You can even spend some time reviewing each person’s methods.

If you split your team into small groups, you can foster more collaboration. But even if you get everyone to participate individually, the problem-solving aspect of the game helps your team think more creatively.

This idea comes from Huddle.

Object Charades

Split your team into small groups, and hand each of them a random object.

Their goal is to come up with a use for that object and pantomime clues for onlookers, so they can guess what the object is supposed to represent in context. The person holding the object isn’t allowed to talk.

Demonstrations can be goofy, as that will only add to the fun of the activity.

This activity gives your team members the opportunity to show off their personality. It can also lighten the mood and give everyone something to laugh about.

This is a lot like a game seen on the popular TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?

This idea comes from Wrike.

Who Am I?

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For this activity, you can either come prepared with objects drawn on a piece of paper or get your employees to quickly draw random objects (keep it family friendly). You can also come up with a theme for the objects, if you prefer.

These pieces of paper are to be stuck to everyone’s backs with tape where they can’t see them. Once everyone has a picture on their back (ones they haven’t seen), get them to go around the room asking for clues as to who they are. They are only allowed to ask yes or no questions to gather clues.

Those who correctly guess what they’re supposed to be can remove the sheet of paper from their back.

This game involves asking creative questions and is great for fostering more comradery among your employees.

This idea comes from Refresh Leadership.

Tear The Paper

Give each of your team members a sheet of paper. Hold onto one yourself.

Get your team members to close their eyes. Now, tear your sheet of paper. You can fold your paper, tear a small portion, fold again… whatever you want.

Now, while your employee’s eyes are still closed, walk them through the process you went through to get your sheet of paper into the shape you did, and get them to follow along.

Once done, get everyone to open their eyes. The winner is the person whose sheet of paper most closely resembles yours.

This activity can encourage your team members to listen more closely to the instructions they are given.

This idea comes from Taskworld.

Go For A Walk

If all else fails, going for a walk doesn’t cost anything and can help raise team morale.

It gives your employees a chance to interact with one another, improve blood circulation and maybe even get a bit of sun (depending on the weather).

The workplace can easily become an environment that’s only about business. But a quick walk can lighten everyone’s mood and help them carry on with their day with a spring in their step.

Final Thoughts

No matter what activities you engage in, keep it light and fun.

There are plenty of team building activities you can do. But finding the right one can be a challenge.

When an activity is overly contrived or forced, your team members won’t feel like participating, and it won’t lift their spirits either.

Employee engagement is key to retention, so don’t just do it and check it off your list. Aim to do it right. Only then will you see a payoff.

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