How High Employee Morale Will Benefit Your Business

Employee morale is like the weather: when it’s low and gloomy, it can cast a shadow over your entire operation. But when it’s sunny and healthy, it provides a glow for your customers, your team and your bottom line.

Every manager has struggled with trying to maintain or increase morale at their workplace. The truth is, it’s not as simple as trying to keep employees smiling every day. Morale is more complicated: it includes employee happiness, but also feeling valued within the organization, contributing to the team, and how their work affects customer experience.

Fostering high employee morale is a great for your business in countless ways, including those we’ve outlined below.

You’ll see increased productivity

Ever wonder why it seems productivity is falling short in your workplace? Slipping morale could be to blame. When employees feel valued and happy at work, they’re more likely to put forth their best effort. And as we’ve discussed in previous posts, one employee working harder is usually contagious: the rest of your team will take note and put in extra effort as well.

Making sure your employees know that their work is valued and respected is a great way to make sure productivity stays on course. One way to do this is to offer incentives, as we’ve outlined in previous posts. There are many possible incentives you could provide (besides money), and doing so will help increase productivity and morale by sending a clear signal that hard work is valued in your organization.

Your referrals will increase

For some organizations, finding new talent to add to your team isn’t a problem. If this is you, count yourself lucky. Many organizations struggle to find people who have the skills and experience they need but are also culturally right for their team.

The great thing about a team with high morale is that since they love their job and their workplace, they’ll often be able to work as recruiters for you. When they let their friends know that they work in a fun, meaningful and rewarding job that has openings, they become your best spokespeople.

Keep in mind that referring new employees may not always be top of mind for your staff, and don’t be afraid to remind them from time to time. During staff meetings, take the opportunity to remind your staff to bring their friends in to get to know the team and see if they might be a good fit.

Your reputation will benefit

Have you ever been to a great restaurant but left feeling that something was just ‘off’? Often, low morale can seep into the service or overall experience for your customers - and you may not even know it. Obviously this can be a huge problem for your business - especially when those customers go home and share with their friends that their experience was just ‘ok’.

On the opposite end, you’ve probably had the experience where you leave a pretty good restaurant but you feel a buzzy sense of something extra from the staff and the experience. This is what happens when you have a team that feels great about where they work. When customers leave this experience, they share the highlights and your reputation soars.

As a business, your reputation is your most valuable asset. Increasing employee morale isn’t just good for your employees, it’s critical for perception of your business.

You’ll have happy customers

As we said above, it’s easy to sense - even as an outsider - when a team is happy and working their hardest. Your customers will feel the extra spring in their server’s step, the care taken with their transaction, and the heart that goes into making your organization special.

At the end of the day, your business exists to connect with and please your customers. Is there any better reason to work on your team’s morale? We don’t think so.