5 Great Team Building Activities For Your Employees

Team bonding activities build morale and camaraderie among your employees. What’s more, when your team learns to work together in fun times, they are more effective and more productive when it counts.

You might be wondering how to develop those bonds. It’s especially difficult when just the mention of bonding activities elicits eye rolls and anxiety.

Not to worry. We’ve put together a list of grown-up, invigorating and exciting team building activities for your staff. Your staff might even get excited about these!

Here are five great team building activities for your employees.

Venture Out for a Field Trip

One of our favorite team building activities is to leave the office and go on a field trip. Think of it as a mini-vacation day.

For the field trip, you want to skip the formal plan and let your employees interact freely together. Set aside a whole day for the activity while encouraging your staff to get to know each other away from the office, free from any work pressure.

Some ideas include:

  • Go to the movies.
  • Visit an amusement park.
  • Take a trip to the zoo or wildlife park.
  • Visit a local restaurant for a long lunch. Rent a room and take your time eating your way through appetizers, salads, main course and dessert. This is a great time to build friendships and morale.

Volunteer Together

Uniting for a single purpose other than work can solidify your team. The United Health Group coined the term, “Doing good is good for you.”

They found that volunteering makes their employees feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. In fact, 94% of their employees said volunteering improved their mood.

When employees work together for a cause that they care about, their bonding increases. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Consider having your team spend a day collecting and delivering school supplies for needy children.
  • During the holidays, adopt a few families and send your staff out to shop together and then deliver the food and gifts.
  • Work with Habitat for Humanity.

As part of the team building activity, let your staff decide as a group what volunteer activity they’d like to do. Take a vote and then move forward with your plans.

Social Activities for Team Building

Plan Social Activities

While you do want your employees to be productive at work, you can still insert some fun into their days once in a while. Breaking up the office routine with games and activities can foster bonding, and they don’t have to cost a lot of money.

Here are some ideas:

  • Take a break for an hour and play board games.
  • Think back to high school and do what they do. Have a spirit day, favorite football team day or decades day. Let staff dress for the occasion.

Show and Tell

Inside each one of us is an inner child, so you can take a cue from grade school and host a show and tell. This is a unique way to help your employees learn more about one another while doing something fun and out of the ordinary.

You can set aside one day every month or quarter for show and tell day, or you can do it at a staff meeting.

Ask your employees to bring something that means a lot to them. If they like to bake, they could bring their favorite recipe. Maybe one of them gardens and brings in a prized flower. It can also be something as simple as a book or photo.

Take a few minutes and let everyone share what they’ve brought. This doesn’t cost anything, and it’s an easy way to promote employee bonding.

Play a Game

While some employees may balk at game-playing, we’ve got two that involve teamwork and are a lot of fun.

The first teamwork game is called “Two Truths and a Lie.”

It’s quite surprising to find out just how little you know about your co-workers. Here are the instructions:

  • Each team member submits two truths and one lie to the game organizer. They need to let this person know which is the lie.
  • You then need to compile the info into a multiple choice style quiz and create an answer key.
  • Pass out game sheets and have each person answer each question by designating which answer is a lie for each person.
  • Score the game, and you’ll have your winners.

The second game is “Name that Tune or Movie.”

The instructions for this are fairly easy:

  • Create a list of one-liners from movies or songs.
  • Write them on slips of paper and divide your employees into teams.
  • Each team takes turns drawing a slip of paper and reads the lines. They have 30 seconds to guess the answer.
  • If the time passes, the other team can answer.
  • Keep a tally to see which team knows the most.

Schedule Together

Creating the shift schedule is something that has to happen on an ongoing basis. Many companies view this as something one or two people are in charge of. Make it a team exercise and schedule collectively. The best way to make this happen is to find employee scheduling software that allows your team to build the schedule dynamically and collectively with features like:

  • Ability to communicate about the schedule whenever and wherever they are using mobile technology.
  • Update availability and shift preferences on-the-go.
  • Central hub for communication about shifts, publishing the schedule, and seeing past schedules and history.
  • Shift swapping when they get in a jam.

A team that schedules together has less negative sentiment towards the schedule. They take responsbility as a team to make sure it creates the work life balance they all desire.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right team building activity can be challenging because you do want your team to be comfortable with the activity. But, team building activities don’t have to cause you or your staff anxiety.

The five great team building activities for your employees listed here are low-key and low-pressure We think your staff will love them. You might notice that even the people who rolled their eyes when you mentioned team building admit to having fun when the activity is over.

So, go ahead and plan an activity or two. Your employees will appreciate the break and end up with an enhanced attitude and more energy to get their work done on time and exceptionally well.

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