4 Fun Activities You Can Do With Employees To Improve Happiness

Your employees are the most important part of your business, and you’d do anything to improve happiness for them at work – after all, they work their tails off for you every day You probably reward them in lots of ways, but sometimes all they need is a little extra fun and time to relax and bond. Below are some ideas about fun activities you can do with employees to improve happiness:

Have an off-site staff meeting

As a manager, you probably have an ever-growing list of items you need to update your staff about – new policies and procedures, new hires, changes in the industry. Usually a standard staff meeting will do, but for a little more fun and a change of scenery, take your team off-site.

Picking a fun location like a park or a nearby bar will help your staff feel like it’s more of a special occasion, and you can take a little more time to run through your agenda items. When you’re finished, have a fun activity like a game or scavenger hunt planned for a little team bonding and an experience that your staff won’t forget.

Celebrate unconventional holidays

From National Pancake Day to National Talk Like a Pirate Day, there’s a theme for just about every single day of the year. For some added fun for your employees and your customers, why not pick a couple holidays that capture the spirit of your team and turn them into traditions for your restaurant?

At your next employee meeting, ask your staff to gather a list of their favorite offbeat holidays. Together, you can talk through which ones make the most sense given your menu items or style of restaurant. When you’ve decided on one or two, make sure you appoint a team to help make the day a full-themed reality.

When the day arrives, make sure you take photos and videos to capture the event – then move on to planning your next day.

Host an after-hours social events

Sometimes it’s best to take work completely our of the equation and plan an event that your staff can attend to relax, and get to know their co-workers in a more informal setting. Offering a chance to socialize and have fun outside of work is an important way for your staff to recharge and connect.

There are so many fun activities you can plan for your team, but make sure you get their input ahead of time. You might try a local comedy club or improv event, or a local festival that gets your team outside and into the community.

When the day comes, score extra points with your staff by closing down the restaurant a little early (if you’re able) so everyone can attend the event together – a true team bonding experience.

Start a contest among staff

If you’re looking for a little healthy competition, one fun thing you can do that may also improve your bottom line is to hold an internal competitition or contest among your staff.

It’s simple to focus on sales or ticket amounts, but try to come up with some creative options, too. If you’re able to track referrals or foot traffic, your competition might be about how many feet each employee gets in the door.

When you’ve laid out the rules of your contest, make sure there’s a juicy prize at the end. Employees will be more likely to participate and give it their all if they know there’s an incentive waititng for the winner. And as an extra bonus, you might consider giving everyone who participates a small reward – after all, it’s not all about competition.