How To Create A Great "We're Hiring" Page On Your Restaurant Website

These days, your website is the front door of your company. That makes it one of the most important places to let the world know that you’re looking for new talent.

Lots of restaurants make this part of their recruitment process an afterthought. But when it’s treated that way, it often leads to a quickly written post hidden on a deeply buried section of your site. This means that people who are interested in working for yourrestaurant might not get all the information they need.

Your website is a crucial tool for recruiting, so it’s important that it works hard for you. Below are a few ways to make sure you’re getting the most from posting job opportunities on your website.

Feature opportunities on your homepage

Your homepage is often the first place many people will experience your restaurant, so when you think about people who may be interested in working with you, it’s an important place to consider. Depending on how simple it is for you to update content, you could simply have a link that says “We’re hiring” that directs to a page with more information, or you could list specific positions that are open as they become available. Make sure the link from the home page is prominently featured and in large enough type to be easy to read. Including an image may also help attract attention and motivate visitors to explore further.

Include position details and qualifications upfront

When visitors get to the hiring page, it’s important to include all of the information they’ll need to get answers to their questions and apply for a job. In addition to including all open positions, list relevant responsibilities and qualifications needed for each position. By hosting all of the information here, you’ll avoid your employees spending precious time answering calls and questions about open positions during business hours. Trying to anticipate the questions that candidates will have when visiting the site will help you create the right content for the page.

Sell your culture

Your culture is one of the most unique things about your restaurant, so make sure you brag about it on your hiring page! This is a time to get potential employees excited about the people they’ll work with, the perks you offer, and the general culture of your workplace.

Detailing fun company events or celebrations is a great way to show how your employees like to have a good time. You could also ask current employees what they like about working at your restaurant and feature their answers on your hiring page.

Include a clear, consistent call to action

Without a call to action, you’ll have candidates calling, emailing, and visiting your restaurant to ask about employment. If you have the resources to deal with this, it’s great - but most restaurant owners would rather spend their time providing their guests with an amazing experience.

At the bottom of each position listing, include a note about what materials you need from candidates: application forms, resumes, references, or anything else. In addition, include a specific email address or phone number for follow ups. Then dedicate a member of your management team to lead the charge on responding to inquiries.

Drive people to your site

A great hiring page doesn’t do you much good if no one sees it. The next step is to make sure you’re driving traffic to your page. There are so many ways to drive traffic, but the most important thing is to figure out which methods work best for the type of employees you want to attract.

Your descriptions of qualifications and responsibilities will help build your SEO, but also consider putting part of your marketing budget toward efficient paid media like featured listings on employment websites. And, don’t forget to use your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post job opportunities for your existing fans.

Since these folks are already connected to your business, they’ll have a useful base of knowledge, and may be connected to others who are interested in the restaurant business. Since it’s so easy to share posts and opportunities across social networks, they’re often the best place to find great candidates!

A great hiring website can be an incredible tool for attracting the right talent to your restaurant. What have you found are important pieces of a hiring website? Tell us in the comments!