Why More Small Businesses Use Time Tracking Solutions

Time tracking improves employee efficiency and productivity.

This sums up why more small businesses use time tracking solutions, and you should be, too.

You have a right to know whether or not your employees are contributing to your bottom line or taking away from it.

Have you ever wondered if you really know what your employees do all day? Do they waste time surfing the internet? Do they clock in when they aren’t really working?

Do they steal your time?

You can answer all of these questions and more if you use time tracking solutions.

Time tracking is good for your business, and here’s why.

Save Time

To save your business valuable time, you can use time tracking software. This streamlines your time clock and scheduling issues. By digitizing it, you save valuable employee time which in turn saves you money.

Time tracking software puts your scheduling and time clock communications in one central place and eliminates the need for superfluous paper and busy work.

In addition, your mobile workforce has access to the same software online which helps them more accurately account for their time as well.

Save your business some money and your managers some headaches with time tracking solutions. Say goodbye to paper timesheets and on-the-wall clock-in systems, and remember time is money.

Monitor Employees

Most business owners or managers don’t want to be seen as a “big brother,” monitoring employees’ comings and goings.

With time tracking software, you don’t have to. It’s a much friendlier, cost-effective solution to keeping track of your employees.

Keep Employees on Track

Give your employees a reason to stay on track. Help them limit distractions.

Show them how time tracking can actually improve their work day. If they stay on task for specified periods of time, you can reward honest, hard-working employees with a well-deserved break.

By tracking their time consistently, your employees will be less susceptible to workday interruptions and more focused on their goals.

Time tracking solutions also help your employees avoid procrastination by keeping them accountable to a specified time frame.

Oversee Remote Workers

If, like many businesses, you have multiple locations, or you offer flexible work arrangements, you don’t naturally have a way to monitor remote workers.

With time tracking solutions and software, your remote workers can clock in and out electronically over Wi-Fi. This helps you know they’re working when they’re supposed to be.

You can keep your team on task even when they aren’t in your physical location.


Reduce Human Error

Small businesses are moving to time tracking solutions to reduce human error.

In the “old” days, employees clocked in, and someone had to track the process on spreadsheets. A manager had to keep track of employees’ time, count it and record it.

This leaves room for data-entry mistakes. With time tracking software, the human error is eliminated, and the whole process is streamlined.

What’s more, you have all of your scheduling and time keeping information in one place, allowing people access to it from one central hub.

Be Compliant

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a real thing, and one the government takes seriously.

It lays out rules for recordkeeping requirements, and requires businesses to keep records on things such as the hours your employees work each day, the total number hours they work each week, mealtime, breaks and any overtime.

The FLSA also requires businesses to keep this information on file for at least two years.

When you use a time tracking software, you don’t have to worry about being compliant, because the system keeps track of employee hours for you.

Time tracking software can reduce the odds that your staff will make a mistake recording time worked. It also helps reduce the risk that you’ll incur hefty fees from non-compliance.

Increase Employee Honesty

Manual methods of time tracking leave a lot up to your employees.

You’ve probably had employees “clock-in” for one another before. Or, perhaps you’ve had an employee pad his hours.

With time tracking solutions, employees are bound by the system. It helps keep your employees honest, while keeping your payroll budget in check.

Final Thoughts

Time keeping keeps employees productive and efficient.

This is why small businesses are flocking to time tracking solutions.

Your employees will appreciate the software in the long run. If they are valued, loyal employees, they’ll learn from your time tracking solutions.

They’ll better understand how much time they waste and how much time they spend on unimportant tasks. Time tracking helps them stay organized and on top of their assignments.

Finally, time tracking solutions are good for your business because they help you monitor payroll and hours worked.

As a business owner, you know all too well that Benjamin Franklin was right when he said, “Lost time is never found again.”

With time tracking software, you save yourself time by saying goodbye to spreadsheets, ledgers and punchable time clocks. Introduce your company to time tracking software and let the system do the heavy lifting for you.

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