How To Handle Change When You Need To Hire More Employees

Growth is a great thing for your business. You’re getting new customers, your profits are rising, and you’re able to extend your offering. But along with all of those comes the need for additional staff - and one thing that many entrepreneurs still don’t know is how to handle change when they need to hire new employees.

It’s easy to hire quickly when everything else is moving fast - you need to fill people for a job so you post an ad or ask your employees for referrals. But being thoughtful about how you handle the new additions to your staff can make the difference between an exciting path to your business’ next chapter and the headaches and frustrations that come with growing pains. Use the tips below to help manage this change and make the transition to your next chapter smooth for everyone.

Don’t make assumptions

When bringing new employees into your well-functioning team, it can be easy to forget that they’re coming in blind. While your existing team has a well-worn set of patterns and work styles, it’s probably also an unspoken one - making it difficult for new employees to adapt to the established routine.

Don’t assume that your new employees will understand the rules and work styles immediately. Remember that they’ll need help adjusting to their new environment, and try to be patient. Keep in mind that the places they worked previously had entirely different procedures and policies, and give them the time and space they need to break any old habits and immerse themselves in your culture.

Keep (and update) records

When it comes to assimilating new employees, it’s not just culture that they’ll need to get used to: some of what’s in place at your establishment are important rules and procedures that help keep your employees safe and efficient.

Hopefully you’ve been keeping records of things like opening and closing procedures and policies for dealing with customers, but if not, a hiring spree will be great motivation to do so. Keeping a written record of your most important policies and procedures will ensure everyone follows the same protocol and that your guests have a consistently wonderful experience. And if you’re strapped for time, consider enlisting one of your star staff members to help draft your guidelines - they’ll appreciate the responsibility and feel even more a part of the team.

Give regular feedback

One of the most common issues among quickly growing teams is that managers can’t keep up with providing feedback for every single employee as often as they need to. As a manager, part of your job is to make sure each member of your staff knows when they’re doing a job well - and when there’s room for improvement.

Giving regular feedback is helpful for you, your new employees, and your broader staff. It ensures that any potential issues are tackled early so you can correct behavior if needed, and also that you can give positive reinforcement to make your new employees feel welcome and a part of the team. Whether it’s an informal chat or a one-on-one meeting to discuss how things are going, your employees will appreciate the time you invest in helping set them up for success.

Times are good when your business is growing, so don’t forget to take a moment and congratulate yourself and your staff on moving ahead with your business. And, remember that helping manage your employees through this time of change will help make the transition smoother and more productive for everyone.