ZoomShift Featured on Picksaas.com

You may have seen picksaas climbing the ranks in Product Hunt. They were the #2 featured product just a few days ago!

We're very excited to be one of the first few Human Resource apps featured in the category.

Picksaas.com is all about helping businesses discover apps that will help them grow their business. They test and analyze apps to help businesses save time when selecting the tools they need to run their business. Their listings are categorized into useful categories and each listing is in a very simple and useful format. They provide a quick snapshot of the app like if they offer a trial, where pricing starts, and what size of businesses it's the best fit for. Then they provide a summary of the app and what it does and provide a few screenshots of the app and any videos available.

We know these guys do their homework because they managed to find one of our videos from way back in 2013!? You've gotta go check out what Jon and Ben were up to five years ago on that video! ;)

Picksaas.com also lists a very simple pricing table and a few things that the app can do for your business. They will also help you compare the app with other similar apps.

Go check out our listing and explore some other apps that can help you grow your business. Some of our favorite apps we use every day are also listed! Happy exploring!