Staying Mobile At University - Why The Zoomshift Mobile App Is Your Next Best Friend

Today’s university students, faculty and support staff are using their mobile phones at a higher rate than in year’s past. In fact, 98% of them own smartphones.

They are highly mobile and on-the-go. Very few, if any, of them will have a landline. When it comes to the university set, you might even say, “You don’t call a place, you call a person.”

So, if your university employees are students, faculty or support staff, we’re going to tell you how to best keep in touch with them as we look at staying mobile at university.

We’ll discuss why the ZoomShift mobile app is your next best friend.

Employee Login Made Easy

University students and employees have a lot going on with school and work. Make it easy for the
college students and university workers in your employee with the ZoomShift mobile app.

With the app, your employees don’t ever have to call in or stop by your office to find out when they work. There is never a reason for them to miss work because “they didn’t know they were scheduled.”

The mobile app allows your employees to access ZoomShift on an iPhone or an Android. Let’s review the features your employees will appreciate.

  1. With mobile notifications, they’ll get notified via a push notification, email or text message with schedule information. They’ll always be tuned in.
  2. Your employees will have no excuse for a missed shift because you can set the app to send automatic reminders to your employees before their scheduled work time.
  3. Your employees can even customize their notification settings so they get what they want and put the rest on silent.

Employee Clock In Made Easy

Staying mobile at university means making it easy for your employees to clock in from anywhere.

Because university employees are highly mobile, and their work sites may be very far apart, make it easy on everyone with the ZoomShift mobile app.

It’s the ultimate in convenience. Here’s why:

  1. Each employee has his own time clock, right in his pocket. Have your employees download the ZoomShift app on their smartphone. They can punch in/out as they switch jobs, locations or shifts.
  2. You’ve got a built in GPS locator. You’ll always know if your employees are checking in when and where they’re supposed to be. You can actually view a map of where and when they clocked in and out.
  3. Your employees can get notified through the app if they forget to clock in. If it’s been a while, you’ll get a notification, too. This ensures a smooth running university workforce.
  4. Employees can also edit their own timesheets, with your approval of course. This takes a step off your plate, and you no longer have a pile of timesheets to correct.


Employee Management Made Easy

Let’s talk about how easy it is for you to manage your university work force right from your own smartphone.

Having ZoomShift right in your own pocket is an indispensable tool, and one you don’t want to be without. It frees you from being tied to a desk. Here’s how:

  1. You can make changes on the go. You don’t have to worry about heading back to your desk to change or update the schedule. Plus, you’ll remember that employees are notified instantly of any changes to their schedules, so no one can complain they were unaware of their shift.
  2. Eating lunch with a co-worker and need to attend to your employees? Pull out your phone and approve or deny time off requests. The app then lets employees know if their request is approved or denied.
  3. You’ll also see at a quick glance which one of your employees didn’t show up, are clocked in but not scheduled, or clocked in late or too early. You have more time because you aren’t chasing employees around. ZoomShift does it for you.
  4. Enjoy superb performance metrics and data. You can see how your payroll budget is tracking so you can let employees go early or add some on.

Final Thoughts

Keeping track of your employees through the ZoomShift mobile app allows you to monitor your two most precious commodities – your employees and your budget.

To increase your profitability, you have to leverage your university’s biggest expense, and that’s the employees.

With the ZoomShift mobile app, you’ll reduce employee waste. You’ll know if they clock in and out when and where you expect them to. You’ll also eliminate budget overruns because you can monitor your payroll budget from anywhere.

Scheduling and keeping track of your university staff can be easy, especially when you have a powerful mobile app in your pocket.

In the 21st century, the ZoomShift mobile app is the best way to manage your employees. And, it’s the best tool to put in their pocket so they work better and have easier access to managing their work schedule and their time.

Are you ready to leverage the power of ZoomShift? Smart business owners are freeing up their time by using employee scheduling and timeclock software. Contact us today to start your free trial and get started.