Predictive Scheduling: The Ultimate Guide for Small Businesses

Businesses today must balance multiple priorities to stay afloat, let alone thrive in a new economy. Product development, marketing, sales, and HR are constantly evolving. And more robust employment laws — such as predictive scheduling — are adding to the challenges management faces. There is a rise in predictive scheduling laws across the U.S. over […]

How To Make A Work Schedule in Excel (with Template)

Writing out a work schedule with pen and paper might seem simple, but it doesn’t always work with the modern work environment. You want your schedule to be easy to edit and immediately sharable, and Excel is a great option for this. Whether you’re planning out your own workday or organizing a team of employees […]

How to Calculate Hours Worked

On the list of things every business needs to do, making sure employees get paid correctly is pretty high up there. The process of calculating hours worked is a vital one, but it often feels a lot more complicated than it needs to be. If you’re manually calculating hours worked, then you need to make […]

Hospitality Marketing: 7 Strategies To Use In 2021

Many places around the world are starting to open up, and pretty soon, traveling will be allowed again. As a result, businesses in the hospitality industry are readying themselves to attract future customers. Hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments will be strategizing on how to appeal to tourists and vacationers. Since the effects of the […]

Free Business Budget Template for Small Businesses

Half of small businesses did not create an official, formally documented budget in 2020, according to research from Clutch. Even more concerning, 19% of companies with 10 employees or fewer didn’t create any kind of budget. Of course, small business owners are extremely busy, which means finding the time to draw up a budget can […]

Profit and Loss Statement Template & Guide for Small Businesses

The viability of your company depends upon its financial health. Closely reviewing your financial statements, including the all-important profit and loss statement (often called a ‘P&L’), will give you important insights into the direction your business is heading. If you’re new to the business world — or if you aren’t sure what a profit and […]