How to Use ZoomShift’s Labor Forecast to Keep Labor Costs Down

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a startup, small business, or Fortune 500 company that’s not concerned with reducing labor costs. There are dozens of ways to reduce costs, from reviewing compensation packages to reducing employee turnover and even cross-training employees, so you aren’t so dependent on one employee’s skills. While those things can […]

How To Use ZoomShift’s GPS Time Clock To Increase Employee Accountability

People are naturally motivated to fulfill their duties, and it’s important to empower employees to be accountable for their work. Cultivating too much of a top-down approach can be counterproductive – instead of encouraging feelings of trust or freedom, it likely makes the employee feel micromanaged. The right kind of accountability in the workplace means […]

How To Use ZoomShift’s Templates To Schedule Faster

Running payroll and setting staff schedules are vital components of any successful business. Completing these tasks used to mean spending hours upon hours tucked away from the world, navigating complex spreadsheets. Now, thanks to software like ZoomShift, you can leverage the power of automation through scheduling templates that streamline the entire process. Creating advanced workflows, […]

10 Ways to Increase Employee Development in the Workplace

People work primarily in exchange for money, but it’s far from the only reason people work. We also work because it feels good to be useful – we derive a lot of our identity and self-importance from what we do, and subsequently, who we help. Too often, if an employee is feeling unrecognized or is […]

7 Ways to Improve Group Cohesion and Achieve Goals Faster

As humans, we’re wired to want more. We want to be more, earn more, and achieve more. An equally strong desire is fitting in, feeling like we belong to a group, or as Seth Godin calls it, a tribe. These innate feelings bring us together and allow us to achieve great things. When they’re out […]

How to Write Up an Employee (With Templates)

While it’s not necessarily the most enjoyable part of any manager’s role, becoming adept at writing up employees is key to people management success. As a manager or business owner, it’s vital that your employees respect workplace rules and regulations, as well as your enforcement of these guidelines. Failing to consistently write up employees when […]

10 Effective Tips to Managing Up at Work

It can be difficult to work effectively when your boss is overworked, ill-equipped, or simply unmotivated. Maybe they’re too busy managing up themselves. Regardless of the reason, you still need to find a way to put out quality work and feel engaged in the workplace. That’s how to get ahead and grow in your career. […]

How To Boost Restaurant Profits

As if managing a restaurant wasn’t a hard enough task in “normal” times, along comes a pandemic. The need for a profitable business isn’t going anywhere, but your clientele might be. As we all adjust to current conditions and find ways to reassure guests and drive revenue, implementing effective cost-cutting tactics could be the key […]

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