Whether your business model is measured in gigabytes, food cost percentage, or appointments booked, every company ultimately depends on people – some a lot more than others. Every company also has its rockstars that consistently achieve massive results, as well as its under performers that often need a gentle nudge. The one constant is that […]

Performance Review Examples and Best Practices
Employee Wellbeing Management In 2020: A Strategy and A Responsibility

COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the importance of employee wellbeing management. It feels like the world has turned upside down. Employees have been thrown into high pressure, frontline risks or work from home with new technology, with family or isolation. People have been challenged in many ways that they did not expect. It is no […]

How Restaurants Can Improve their Online Presence in 2020

“Everybody’s doing it” isn’t always the best reason to follow the crowd, but as a small business owner, it’s essential to keep up with the competition. Online presence may sound like a broad umbrella term that’s difficult to define, but it’s a critical piece of your restaurant’s marketing strategy. Sure, you may be thinking that […]

Best Practices on How to Handle Scheduling Conflicts

Scheduling conflicts can be incredibly frustrating, but they’re largely inevitable when you work in an organization made up of humans – errors are simply going to happen. Reliable employees can still make administrative mistakes, and even with the help of automated scheduling apps, there’s still a lot to keep track of: clients sometimes reschedule at […]

How Businesses Can Improve During COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted the world economy and left us all feeling a little frozen in place. With so many businesses unable to function and many more operating at limited capacity, it’s easy to feel disorganized or unproductive.  Although many things may be beyond our control during this time, it doesn’t mean that we should sit […]

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