The way managers schedule their teams’ shifts has changed over the years. Not too long ago, all scheduling took place using paper and pencil. After that, managers adopted spreadsheet programs, like Excel, and later on, Google Sheets. Nowadays, there are more efficient, advanced, and convenient scheduling tools available, like ZoomShift, but many managers are hesitant […]

How to Make a Work Schedule on Google Sheets
The 5 Best Homebase Alternatives

According to an Expresswire report, the employee scheduling software market is poised to double in size from 2017 to 2023. In 2023, the market is set to reach half a trillion dollars in sales alone. Why such massive growth? To match a massive need for automating the process of creating and maintaining schedules. Small businesses […]

10 Retail Management Software for 2022

The retail world has changed drastically over the past few decades. Just over 20 years ago, retail was completely dominated by brick-and-mortar stores, and e-commerce, along with retail management software, were barely a blip on the radar. Fast forward to 2021, and technology has integrated itself into every aspect of retail, from scheduling to employee […]

The 5 Best Deputy Alternatives

Employee scheduling software is no longer an option for retail, service, and restaurant businesses — it’s a necessity. You simply can’t waste precious time muddled down in the details of creating schedules, completing payroll, and who’s covering what shift. You’ve got more important things to do. That’s where employee scheduling software comes in. It allows […]

How To Register a Business in California: Ultimate Guide

The start of a new business is an exciting time. Your mind is filled with dreams of your new endeavor, the happiness you’ll bring to yourself and others, freedom from the traditional nine-to-five, and the seemingly boundless possibilities in front of you. But in the midst of all these visions of success and fulfillment comes […]

How to Create a Call Center Attendance Policy

Call centers are a vital part of many larger businesses. From managing customer service to providing technical support, these communication hubs ensure that customers are happy with the products and services they are purchasing. However, for a call center to run smoothly, it needs to be staffed, and the staff needs to be in attendance. […]

Employee Engagement: Why It’s Important For Your Business

Once upon a time, employees were expected to turn up for work and put in the hours, with little regard for how they felt about their organization’s vision or direction. Today, with increased mobility between jobs and greater competition for talent, disengaged employees have little reason to stick around. If your workers don’t feel bought […]

Everything You Need to Know About Job Costing in 2022

Imagine that a lead contacts your contracting company and asks for a quote for the construction of a new house. You’re excited at the new prospect and sit down to come up with a reasonable but competitive quote. But how do you figure out how much to charge for your work? That’s where job costing […]