If you’re giving interview feedback, then chances are the candidate didn’t get the role. It’s naturally a disappointing conversation for them, and one they will likely want to end as soon as possible. However, the way you provide feedback can have a lasting effect on not only the candidate but the company’s future hiring opportunities. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Giving Interview Feedback for SMBs
5 Benefits That Restaurants Can Have from Video Marketing

For some time now, the idea of producing videos and using them for marketing your brands has been really popular. Videos have taken a very important position in the strategies of digital marketing. With the help of good video marketing strategies, a lot of brands have been able to reach out to more audiences and […]

5 Ways To Simplify Your Restaurant Operations Today – Using Technology

In the QSR industry, it’s no surprise that restaurant managers and owner-operators carry a heavy workload. Overseeing employees, finances, etc. across several locations is time-consuming. Every minute of the workday is crucial for a successful business and happy customers. The ultimate goal for these managers is to simplify the amount of work that they have. […]

The 20 Best Restaurant Blogs to Follow in 2021

Opening, growing and marketing a restaurant requires a high level of risk, expertise and dedication. To increase a restaurateur’s chance of succeeding, we have compiled a list of restaurant blogs that provide a wealth of valuable and relevant information and insights. Here are 20 of the best restaurant blogs at present: 1. Modern Restaurant Management […]

How to Write a Retail Manager Resume (with Examples)

Retail managers run the show. They wear a lot of hats and are often responsible for maintaining the brand’s image and creating wow moments for customers. It’s not an easy job, but it’s a rewarding one. As with all great gigs, the line to the top is long, and standing out is more difficult than […]

How to Write a Restaurant Mission Statement (with Examples)

Most iconic brands these days have a mission statement, and the restaurant industry is no exception. You’ll often see them in one sentence fragments, like Chipotle with their goal of providing “food with integrity.” These days, restaurants are expanding on these quips and showcasing a mission statement alongside their values. Chipotle has an entire webpage dedicated […]

How to Create an Employee Vacation Tracker (with Template)

People are by far the greatest asset of any organization. Like all assets, they lose value and depreciate if you don’t take care of them. An employee who’s spread thin or close to burning out is likely irritable, making mistakes, and dealing with low morale. Thankfully, there’s a cure to such ailments. The best way […]

The Ultimate Guide to Bereavement Leave for SMBs

In the United States, small businesses alone employ nearly sixty million people. That’s roughly the size of Italy. Needless to say, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of our economy and represent nearly a quarter of the country’s workforce. The CDC also reports that an average of nearly 8,000 people die every day […]

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