According to McKinsey’s research, productivity is slowly declining in the United States. Some possible causes include mis-measurement of productivity, slowing technological innovation, shifts in employment from manufacturing to service industries, and lack of capital access. The list of possible reasons is infinite and seemingly out of your direct control. Naturally, a less productive workforce will […]

Workforce Management: The Ultimate Guide for Small Businesses
What You Need to Know About ISO Certification for U.S Small Construction Businesses

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) provides your construction business with robust management systems. Gaining these certifications can benefit your company significantly, giving you the upper hand for tenders along with qualifications for government contracts. It creates many professional opportunities for your small business, but it can be tricky to know which ISO certification to […]

4 Best Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants

What Is an Online Ordering System? An online ordering system is a digital technology that restaurants use to allow customers to place orders online. Generally, ordering systems will take payment and facilitate the placement of takeout and delivery orders. Some online ordering systems will also help restaurants manage their reservations, but this is not always […]

50 Icebreaker Games for the Workplace in 2021

Whether you’re putting together familiar faces for a new project or forming a brand new team, icebreaker games can make everyone feel a bit more comfortable with each other. These types of games challenge assumptions, boost morale, build rapport, and make people laugh. Facilitating harmony from the beginning can spark conversation, fuel creativity, and enhance […]

The Essential Guide To Restaurant Food Suppliers

In the past, when you went to a restaurant, there was pretty much only one thing most people cared about: the food that made its way onto their plates. But in recent years, there’s another element that’s entered the picture: the ingredients. Specifically, where the restaurant sourced them from. With the farm-to-table movement in full […]

Restaurant Licenses: 12 Permits You Need To Open a Restaurant

For many, opening a restaurant is a dream come true. Between the visions of happy customers enjoying a scrumptious feast, satisfied customers making lasting memories with their families, and mouthwatering scents wafting through the air, it can be quite disappointing when the daydreams are interrupted by…paperwork and obtaining the right restaurant licenses. For all the […]