Top 15 Small Business Blogs in 2021

The day you decide to take the plunge, leave your day job, and become a business owner can be extremely exciting, but it can real challenge. Starting and developing a business requires a high level of risk, expertise and dedication. To bolster an entrepreneurs chance of succeeding, we at ZoomShift have scoured the web for […]

9 Great Work Perks To Motivate Your Employees in 2021

Perks and benefits are important, especially to the newer generations of workers. In fact, most people say that benefits and perks are a big factor in considering whether to accept a job offer. 80% of employees would even choose additional benefits over a pay raise. These days people want to have a work-life balance, and […]

The New Employee Onboarding Checklist For 2021

Onboarding new employees brings many challenges, especially after 2020. We have created the ultimate new employee onboarding checklist to keep you in check for 2021. New Hire Checklist Interviews are over, you’ve made an offer, and they’ve accepted it. Now it’s time to get all the behind the scenes details sorted out before they start. […]

7 Top Retail Interview Questions and Sample Answers

It’s not easy to push past the dozens – or even hundreds – of other job applicants out there. In fact, TopResume found that 75% of resumes are rejected before ever reaching the hiring manager. It’s harder than ever to stand out in a crowd, and getting a fair shot is far from the last […]

Everything You Need to Know About Retail Management

Most retail managers wear a lot of hats – they are counselors, coaches, mediators, designers, negotiators, and salespeople. The store’s fate rests in their hands, and a lot of people are counting on them to keep their superiors, staff, and customers satisfied. Getting it all right is a tall order. Retail management isn’t for everyone, […]

Split Shifts: The Ultimate Guide for Restaurant Scheduling

The infamous 9-5 shift dominates the American work shift schedule and has for decades. Yet, more and more companies are expanding their arsenal to include flex work schedules and even split shifts. Flexibility in your schedule often improves work-life balance, which tends to increase productivity, happiness, and overall engagement. It also helps to lower absenteeism […]

Restaurant Expenses: 7 Common Costs to Running a New Location

For many, starting a restaurant is a dream come true. If you love cooking and want to turn your passion for food into a small business, there are few better career paths than running your own restaurant. However, as exciting and rewarding as it may be, it’s also a very expensive endeavor with some high […]

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