There are many challenges that come with working in an office, especially in the era of COVID-19. From the sometimes overwhelming feeling of being overworked to the hidden stressors such as having to be “on” all day, it’s not always easy for employees. However, there are ways to overcome these obstacles and get more out […]

10 Common Workplace Challenges and Solutions
Time Clock Rules for Hourly Employees: Complete Guide

Organizing hourly employees can be tricky. You’ve got to pay close attention to scheduling, know how many hours your employees are working, track PTO, track overtime, and ensure compliance with local laws. To do this efficiently, you need time clock software, but you’ve also got to implement clear time clock rules for hourly employees. Here […]

5 Schedulefly Alternatives: Software, Features & Pricing

Restaurant managers, owners, and executives say their biggest challenge — by far — is the high cost of labor. So it stands to reason that they want to generate the maximum possible value from that labor, which explains the growing uptake of restaurant scheduling software. Scheduling software streamlines communication with staff, improves efficiency, and boosts […]

The 10 Best Employee Time Clocks for Small Businesses

Keeping track of your employees’ hours and ensuring they get paid correctly is an important part of the business. If you’re tracking time manually, or with outdated software, it can be an extremely time-consuming process though. To make the process more efficient, you should look at time clock software that can help with scheduling, track […]

How to Resolve an Understaffing Problem in The Workplace

As COVID and the socio-political environment continue to throw the world into flux, many businesses are finding themselves understaffed. This period of time has been termed the “Great Resignation” as many workers are finding that businesses aren’t offering working conditions they are willing to accept. This is leaving businesses without enough employees to stay open. […]

18 Types of Work Schedules For Your Employees

Working long hours used to be a way of life for many businesses and their employees. However, not all jobs require such dedication. Some professions only require a fraction of the typical 40-hour workweek. These types of schedules for work are also known as “flextime,” and they can provide benefits for employees – such as […]

Time Theft: 6 Things Employers May Consider Stealing Time

When you think about employee theft, chances are you think about stealing cash out of the register or stealing something off the shelves of your store. But there’s another type of theft that employers have started to become concerned about — time theft. However, it’s unclear exactly what constitutes time theft, as it is not […]

How to Calculate Hours Worked

On the list of things every business needs to do, making sure employees get paid correctly is pretty high up there. The process of calculating hours worked is a vital one, but it often feels a lot more complicated than it needs to be. If you’re manually calculating hours worked, then you need to make […]

How to Manage Holiday Scheduling for Your Employees

When we think of the holidays, the last thing anyone pictures is being sat at work. Holiday scheduling can be a headache for business owners, as most employees want to take PTO to spend with their families over the holidays. Those in the retail and service industries, for example, may be called upon to work […]