It’s hard to imagine a single aspect of life that this year’s pandemic hasn’t changed, but there’s no denying that the service sector is one of the industries that’s been the most profoundly affected. COVID-19 has changed the way in which restaurants operate, how people socialize over meals, and how diners order, receive, and pay […]

5 Unique Restaurants Decoration Ideas for 2021
How to Start a Franchise Business in 2021

There’s no one right way to be an entrepreneur. Although most people associate entrepreneurs with revolutionary new ideas, the vast majority of businesses are more traditional endeavors, like bakeries, grocery stores, hair salons, and pizza parlors. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and the skills to run a business, you may find that you’re better […]

Everything You Need to Know About a 9/80 Work Schedule

The best work schedules find a balance between getting things done and giving employees the most time off. This in turn maximizes customer satisfaction and work-life balance, which creates greater engagement, productivity, and loyalty, to name a few benefits. The call for work-life balance is greater than ever. Employees want the flexibility to run errands, […]

8 Retail Skills Every Sales Associate Needs to Have

Working in retail is challenging. It’s a tough but necessary job, and retail sales associates rarely get the respect that they deserve. Instead, they’re subject to irate customers, exhausting work, and odd hours. Dealing with a stressful job in retail requires certain skills to stay sane, let alone productive. If you want to succeed in […]

7 Effective Restaurant Menu Design Ideas

When you sit down at a restaurant, there are a few things you’re likely to notice: the carefully picked out decor, the smells of food wafting through the air, and of course, the menu set down on your table, offering up a wide array of meal options. As a restaurant owner, your menu is more […]

Job Abandonment: Definition, Policies and How to Handle It

Dealing with job abandonment is an unfortunate reality for many managers. As hard as you try to pick responsible candidates during your hiring process, there’s always the chance that you’ll end up bringing someone on board who decides one day that they’re going to play hookey and never returns. If you’re a manager, it’s important […]

How A Rotating Shift Schedule Can Double Productivity in 2021

If your doors are open sixteen, eighteen, or even twenty-four hours in a day, then you probably struggle from time to time with your staff scheduling. Finding workers willing to work late night hours for extended periods of time is a constant battle. People want to be at home with their families. They want a […]

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